Get Growing: Mustaches Vs. Cancer 2010


Gentlemen, Fellas, Bros, Sirs…

The time has come. We all (well, most of us) have been granted the power to grow facial hair, and with that power comes at least 2 months of responsibility each year: Mustaches vs. Cancer. From October 4th to November 28th, we invite you to join us in rocking the stache.

It’s gunna be a long stretch, but you’ve got confidants in the LAS founders and everyone else reading this post. Besides, you can’t deny that you’re going to look ridiculously awesome come Nov. 28.

Next week, we’ll be launching an LAS group on the MvC website – you are all welcome and encouraged to join.

In the meantime, make sure you do 3 things:

1) Go to the site, sign up and commit yourself to this great cause.

2) Drop a comment on this post to let us know you’re in.

3) Hit up MvC on Facebook and Twitter to show your support.

Pulling a stunt like this is NOT ok.

At LAS we’ve all got experience growing our man badges and only one of us uses Rogaine (j/k). But if you’re not familiar with MvC yet and we’ve just got your head spinning, please reference the links and excerpts below.

Hey Lax Bro, Does A Mustache Come With That Flow??? | Lax All Stars

Why mustaches? Because if it was anything else, we wouldn’t even be talking about it.  If it was a 5k, you’d just be sitting around thinking about how you should go see if you can even find your jogging shoes.  The idea, which I quickly realized wasn’t 100% original after some research (i.e. Movember did it first), was that I wanted a way to get young people excited about giving back to the community.  Mustaches were an easy choice because they just advertise themselves.  If you’ve ever randomly grown a mustache, you know what I mean.  Everyone asks you about it, why not harness some of those conversations to tell people that if they like your ‘stache they should consider giving some money to a worthy cause.”

Mustaches vs. Cancer: Why YOU should care about hair. | Waves + Rain

“A few years ago, a lacrosse team of guys existed in the sunshine filled valley of Salt Lake City. And boys being boys, they challenged each other to just about anything that yielded a champion; even mustache growing. Even though a few of them were folically challenged, their hearts were in the right place when Stefan Turkula decided to rally a few others to turn this hair-raising competition in to a fundraising opportunity for children with cancer. Thus, Mustaches vs. Cancer was born.”

Over the coming months we’ll have constant stache updates to keep you all well informed on our group’s upper lip growth patterns.

Thanks for your support!