Get Jacked! Lacrosse specific tips from Strength Coach Scott Umberger

Get some workout tips from an expert! Scott Umberger is the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Robert Morris University and works specifically with the Men’s and Woman’s Lacrosse Teams. He has all the tips you need to take your game to the next level.

This week: Scott gives tips on dynamic warm-ups for lifting and practice.

The Dynamic Warm Up

by Scott Umberger

 Quote of the week:

To do anything in this world worth doing, we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in, and scramble through as well as we can.
—Sydney Smith

To build off of my comments from last week….. I will discuss the importance of a dynamic warm up and why you need to one before each and every training session or practice. The active movement increases your core temperature while working on flexibility and mobility issues that you currently posses. I can’t stress enough the importance of doing something before you do any workout.

On Monday (which is national chest day) you start out benching right? How many warm up sets do you do? Not many! You should hit the bar for 8-10 and 135 for several reps as well. If you are on the stronger side you should hit 185 and then 225 before going to working sets. That is a warm up. If you aren’t so strong, you still should properly warm up to 135 or 155. Younger guys, push ups are huge here. Either way, a proper warm up prior to this upper workout will only help you.

Here’s a sample of a warm up that you can do before a practice. There is some need for ground to run. You can cut that out or do it outside of the gym.

Imagine hitting your first set actually warmed up like you are for a game. Kind of takes gym workouts to a new level.

Dynamic Warm up #1


Bodyweight squats


Jogging 360 turns w/ high knees

x20 yds

Jumping jacks


Seal jumping jacks


Butt Kicks

20 yds down and back

Duck Walk Forward

20 yds

Front skips


Goalie Squat

5 each side

1 Leg High Knees(A Skip)

1×20 each leg

1 Leg Butt Kicks (B Skip)

1×20 each leg

Walking 1 Leg RDL Strech

1×20 yds

Stationary side lunge

x 8 each leg

Side shuffle

20 yds. down & back



Walking Frankinstein Walks

1×20 yards

Stationary leg swings (front & back)

x 10 each leg

Stationary leg swings (side to side)

x 10 ea. leg

60% Build-up sprint (focus on form)


Lunge walk

1×20 yards



Squat jumps (knees to chest)


High Knees

20 yds down and back

Butt Kicks

20 yds down and back



75% Build-up sprint (knee drive focus)

2x 40 yds.



Ground-Based Mobility Phases


Glute bridges


Rollovers into V sits

x10 ea.

Birddogs (on all 4’s)

x10 ea. Leg

Fire hydrant circles (on all 4’s)

10 fwd, 10 bkw ea. leg

Mountain climbers x 20 ea. Leg

x 20 ea. leg

Groiners x 10




Frequency Phase


Low pogo jumps — 3 x 20 sec.


High pogo jumps — 3 x 10 sec.


Quick steps/Ankling — 2 sets of 10 yards


Wideouts — 2 sets of 5 sec. (in and out as fast as possible!)


Lateral quick steps — 2 sets of 10 yards


85% Build-up sprint — 40 yds



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  • Another great post by Scott. Are you guys enjoying this stuff as much as I am? I’m never going to let Blue Sky catch up to me when it comes to push-ups. He will fail.

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