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GET JACKED! With Coach Scott UmbergerThis Week’s GET JACKED! – Summer, summer, summertime! I know it’s the 4th of July weekend but put that hot dog down, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and grab the nearest tire.  Scott Umberger has more strongman lifts that don’t require a $300 membership to a fu-fu gym.  You’re a SHHHHHAAAARRRKKK this week on GET JACKED!


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Quote of the Week:

Always move forward, attack life
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Here’s some more fun in the sun work that you can do get jacked and swol this summer! In addition, these exercises listed below are different than the typical gym stuff. This stuff is hard as hell and they are definitely man makers! Tires are free if you can find them.

Note: Hover on the symbol to see pop-up video examples of each lift

Suite Case Deadlifts

  • Keep your chest and shoulders level with the ground the entire rep of the rep 3-4 sets of 5-6 reps

Tires are great because they are free… Ask around and you should be able to find a commercial tire place that deals with huge tires. The tire places have to pay to dispose of tires that have cuts or gashes in the side walls. It costs them more money dispose of them. They come in all shapes and sizes. A 150 lbs tire which is very easy for a woman to flip can be challenging if the grip is rough. I’ve flipped a 750 lbs tire pretty easily because it had a good grip. Take in mind that I was really only picking half of that weight when flipping the tire. If you can only get a 100 lb tire, just drag it further or flip it 30 times instead of 10. How to make it drag-able (is that a word??) I simply drilled into the tire, got a 3/4 thick 5 inch long lag bolt (and some nuts) with a loop on the end and bolted both sides of it to the tire. I got some rope and there you go, instant pain!

Here are some examples of the endless fun…

Tire Drags – Forwards

Tire drags- Backwards

Tire Flip and hop throughs

Tire- Sledge hammer hits

  • 10-20 hits each side… pull your shoulders down to the ground.

Keg Carries

  • In the video they are 250, 150, & 100 lbs kegs
  • They are more expensive costing at least $30 per keg.. and that’s empty. They are a pain in the ass to fill but are brutal. I’m not having fun in this video. Take in mind that I did the sand bags lifts (last weeks post) before I did these carries.


Scott Umberger is the owner of Umberger Performance and can be reached through his website or email at

Scott Umberger has worked with high school, college (athletes from 20 different NCAA schools), and professional athletes (MLL, NHL-ECL, MLB, CHL, NFL, NBA, World Championship Games, and Arena Football I & II), 3 All-Americans (track, swimming, hockey), a Biletnikoff Trophy Winner (top DI Football Receiver), 2 Hobe Baker Trophy Finalist-top 3 and top 10 (Heisman Trophy of College Hockey), a top 10 NCAA scorer in Men’s Hockey, a member of the USA U-22 Woman’s Team, FINA Master World Championship Qualifying Swimmer, current Olympic Hopeful Javelin Thrower, ECAC/IC4A qualifying track hurdler.