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Get Out and See the Game

Box does best of Seven. Photo Credit: Gary Woodburn
Box does best of Seven. Photo Credit: Gary Woodburn

Photo Credit: Gary Woodburn

In Words of Wisdom last week Chazz Woodson shared this Chinese proverb: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

It’s never too late to put a stick in someone’s hands, or to flip a game on TV to introduce them to lacrosse. You know how great the game is, but people can’t believe what they haven’t seen. Unfortunately numbers have been dropping in attendance at the professional level and during the NCAA Championship weekend. It can be hard to believe considering how quickly the game is spreading, but if we aren’t going out to support our local teams, we aren’t growing the game. If you are lucky enough to live in a region that has a pro team, go out to the games and bring a friend. If not, there’s bound to be high schools and colleges playing at a field near you.

We say we care but how do we show it? This week the Mann Cup began, and if you haven’t seen the highlights, the arena has been packed. The Bear Creek Arena holds roughly 2,300 people, and through the first two games of the series the building was standing room only. For Senior A box that is great, the place is absolutely rocking and no matter the size of the arena, the games are much more intense when there is not an empty seat in the house.

I applaud the local supporters of the Victoria Shamrocks and those of the Chiefs that pack the house each night for the championship series because it represents communities coming together to support their local teams. They didn’t stay at home and watch it, they got out there and screamed their heads off with their neighbors.

I want to encourage you too, find a friend and help us #GrowTheGame.


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