Lacrosse Is Better Than Baseball – Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Toronto knows better!
Toronto Rock Championship Ring

Truth be told, most lacrosse people spend a decent amount of time going back and forth about what needs to be changed about the sport, and what needs to happen for it to become mainstream, among other topics.  And I am not exempt from that crowd.  Hopefully, my actions will speak louder than my words in the near future, but for now you get some more words!

With that being said, I want to give a shout out to the Toronto Rock and their continued efforts on setting a high benchmark for pro lacrosse. Having my TV on in the background, I quickly ran over as I hear “lacrosse” yet again.  This time around it’s a commercial.  Sure enough, on TSN2 the Toronto Rock are advertising their first home game of the 2012 NLL season on January 8th.  Not only is this great to see, but it is also a top quality commercial. I was so ecstatic I posted this tweet:

Short, sweet, and to the point; it encompasses everything a lacrosse game is.

Not only is this amazing to see; quality NLL ownership going the distance (hats off to Jamie Dawick), but the commercial is leaps-and-bounds better than the Toronto Blue Jays embarrassment of a commercial last season.

Toronto Blue Jays Commercial

This actually hurts my soul to watch… Wow, boring.

Toronto knows better!


  1. That Toronto Jays commercial plays off of the existing fanbase and the feelings of expectation that are present before a season starts up. It would surely be boring to a non-fan and/or someone without baseball as a background to their life because the imagery is meaningless.

  2. I read this article assuming that the Toronto Rock commercial trashes baseball, thus your need to further the discussion.  It did not.  I guess your angst comes from the Blue Jays being the only professional baseball team in Canada, and you somehow feel that the team is some sort American colonialism enacted upon you by MLB?  Other than that I don’t see how the comparison with the Blue Jays is relevant in any way.

    I love both sports (GASP!), and I can tell you one reality with the frosty relationship between the two: When lacrosse folks talk about baseball it’s with contempt, when baseball folks talk about lacrosse…oh wait that’s right, baseball is the most established professional sport in the American social and cultural fabric, it would be pointless to talk about lacrosse as it isn’t a blip on their radar.

    We can hate on baseball all we want as lacrosse players, coaches, and fans.  The truth is, we all would die happy with even one more iota of the success baseball has had in the course of American history.  Until that time we are wasting our breath attacking another sport for no reason, and creating more enemies than friends along the way.

    • Will,

      You are absolutely right. In the lacrosse world we would love just the toe nail of success baseball has had over it history. Which surprises me why you didn’t pick up on the irony of the post.

      The post is directed to the commercial – not the sport. i was giving credit where credit is due. That being the Toronto Rock lacrosse commercial. It is attention grabbing and action provoking. Everything that a commercial should be. I was giving credit to the Toronto Rock organization for doing a great job on a solid commercial. 

      I was using the Toronto Blue Jay commercial as a comparison. I was using this commercial to indicate how slow and boring some sports commercials can be and again that the Rock got it right by creating something with impact. As stated above by Matthew the Blue Jay commercial was trying to convey a message of expectation.

      By no means am I expressing superiority of one sport over the other. In fact the original title was “Lacrosse > Baseball – Giving Credit where Credit is Due” but was changed during the editing process.

      No where in the article to I proclaim lacrosse the superior sport over baseball. If the post is read, you will see that I am commenting on the commercial, and that the Toronto Rock did a great job at creating a buzz of anticipation for their upcoming title defense, and that I enjoyed the Rock commercial much more than last seasons Blue Jay rev-up commercial to their season.

      The only angst I have, not of the Toronto Blue Jays, but of how repeated the commercial was played on Rogers Sports net last year. Again, the commercial, not the Toronto Blue Jays or baseball. Again, if you do read the post, there is no mention of one sports superiority over the other – just the superiority of one teams commercial over the other.

      • Chris,

        Duly noted, and I think an apology is in order if I misinterpreted your post’s intentions. 

        To your point, the Blue Jays commercial’s music choice is awkward at best and just plain wrong in general.  I agree, the two present a completely different perspective on their respective sport, and it’s no wonder the Sky Dome has some troubles selling tickets (though I’d argue that commercial is more a symptom of the problem than the cause).

        I’ll be more careful in my comments in the future.  For what it’s worth I loved comparing the two commercials and getting your take on them, I think I definitely jumped to the “baseball hater” conclusion, sorry about that!