GMODT Featuring Some Personal YouTube Favorites


Switching things up from music once again- in this Monday’s edition we dive into my YouTube “favorites” list. The sheer amount of videos posted on YouTube is still mind-boggling to me, as is the fact that virtually any media I’ve experienced in my 23 years is on there in some form or another. So, come with me as I take you on a guided tour of the awesome videos I have deemed entertainment worthy, possibly at three in the morning and drunk.

Mystery Science Theater 3000- Best of “Werewolf”

This show blew me away as a kid. The premise is a guy and his two puppet/robot friends watch extremely bad movies and have a running commentary making fun of it the entire time. Also, their on a spaceship. The show was at its best when making fun of cheesy cable movies, such as the 1996 masterpiece “Werewolf”. If your not familiar with the show YouTube is a great place to start, considering half the series is broken up in 10 minute chunks for your viewing pleasure.

“Boy their establishing the hell out of this building”

“It’s economical not to have a story line because than you can just film people saying things”

Curb Your Enthusiasm

“Curb” is still one of the best comedies on TV and it just introduced the character Leon last season. The show kept him on as the roommate to main character Larry David this season and its all the better because of it. This video collects the best of his moments from season 6.

Some NSFW language

Bust A Bucket

In honor of the NBA season starting tomorrow and the Trail Blazer fanboy in me, here is the early 90’s classic “Bust a Bucket”, about a young fans mental illness and his decent into Blazer-fueled dementia. (Not to be confused with the oh-so-much-funnier in retrospect “Can I Get A Headband” featuring the corpse of Bonzi Wells and the Jail Blazers)

Norm MacDonald on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”

Just watch until the 6:50 at the very least. Berating Carrot Top is always funny.


About the Author: Mitch is the resident music wrangler and all-around well connected Lacrosse All Stars insider. The lacrosse playing ended in high school, but the friendships never did. The Prima donna of the writers. Still not sure about this whole “internet” thing. Would love to be called “Sir” without  the following- “Your making a scene”.


  1. Very sorry to hear about the loss of your good friend and teammate.  My condolences to his family and friends.  Your lacrosse teammates are like family – mine were.

    I do have to take issue with your comment about never having beaten Texas A & M.  While I played at LSU (1974-1978), we never lost to the Aggies, either their A Team or their B Team – we usually played them both each season.  My last game as a Tiger was actually in Kyle Field – we won, 4-3.

    It was very exciting to hear that you have 43 guys on the roster.  That must be great – we usually could muster 20 or so dedicated players for practices and games,  Yes, our middies ran themselves ragged.

    Keep up the posts about the team – it is usually very difficult to get any news about LSU lacrosse other than scores.

    Geaux Tigers!!!