GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring Black Mamba & The Rolling Stones


Has everybody already heard this Lil Wayne “Kobe Bryant” song? I can’t begin without addressing what a crime this is. How come Spike “Knick Fan for Life” Lee didn’t soundtrack “Kobe Talkin to Teammates” with this song? Also, is Kobe’s new game face intense or painful to watch? Does he just “Want A Championship That Bad” (copyright pending), or does he have indigestion?

Actually, if Spike Lee did soundtrack his documentary with Lil Wayne’s song, does that count as a crime against humanity? The concentrated smug over the Staples Center would show up on radar. See you in the comments Laker fans.

Alright back to the real music. Today, we’re going classic with a little Rolling Stones! These days it’s easy to make fun of the Stones- they’re super old, they soundtracked Microsoft commercials in the 90’s, and they stopped making their best music decades ago. But from about 1964 to 1983 this group had a pretty incredible run, not only were they the only band that credibly challenged The Beatles for world domination but they kept it up into the seventies with albums that defined that decade’s sound.

The thing about the Stones is most people only know about the same three songs that radio and Martin Scorsese movies beat into the ground – Satisfaction, Sympathy For The Devil, and Gimme Shelter. Now, these are amazing songs – Gimme Shelter especially- but the rest of their music gets overlooked. I’ve picked some songs that don’t get the same attention but are just as good as anything you would hear on the radio right now.