GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring J Dilla


Really, the weekend should have ended so much better. The weather was warm, summer officially arrives next week and I was confident everything was going to come up GMODT. But last night ended in a hospital waiting room and the L.A. Lakers winning another NBA title.

The happiest place on earth this is not.While waiting in the hospital for my brothers esophagus to be fixed, I had a lot of time to soak in my surroundings. This leads me to today’s artist, J Dilla AKA Jay Dee. Before his death in 2006 from the blood disease TTP, Dilla was one of if not the most influential hip-hop producer to come out of the “underground” scene.

His work producing for such artists as Common, The Roots and Slum Village eventually led him to his own solo records. His last album before his death, Donuts, was assembled and completed from his hospital bed shortly before his death. These songs range from his work with other groups right up until his last album.

Slum Village – Fall In Love

J Dilla – So Far To Go

J Dilla – Over The Breaks

J Dilla – Last Donut Of The Night


Embeded videos: