GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring Kasabian


Buckle up kids, it’s time for another installment of “Get Mitch Or Die Tryin’!” Before we get things rolling, make sure you take a sec to listen to the new “Mr. BS Report” podcast, or as I like to call it “Two Guys One Podcast“. It features normal contributors Striding Man and Mr. Blue Sky along a few very special guests. Make sure you listen to the end!

With that out of the way, it’s time to drop some k-nowledge into your ear hole. This week I picked a British band I just recently discovered called Kasabian. If you can accept the fact that they basically rip-off every good British rock band of the past 30 years, they have some pretty great songs.

Of course, if you’re ripping off bands like The Rolling Stones and Oasis (two groups I’ll post on later), it’s hard to go wrong. Also, the song and video for “Shoot the Runner” got the ultimate 2009 compliment: a shout out by P-Twitty! So check out the video for that song along with their new single, “Vlad the Impaler”.  LET’S GO!

Kasabian – Shoot the Runner


Kasabian – Vlad the Impaler