GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring October New Tunes

"Toro y Moi" headlines a new Music Monday

It’s Fall, and that means lots of new music is flooding the market for the holidays. Of course, by “flooding the market” I mean being illegally downloaded in some torrent program, but hey, new music is new music. So today enjoy some new singles from artists such as Jay-Z, Ian Brown and Thom Yorke.


This first one is a track from the upcoming Lebron movie More Than A Game and an outtake from his Blueprint 3 album.

Jay Z – “History”

Don’t know much about this next guy other than that I like this J Dilla-ish song and the other songs he posted on his site are a little different style wise but just as good.

Toro y Moi – “Talamak”

This is Thom Yorke’s new song off the soundtrack of….the new “Twilight” movie. I know, I know but for some reason the producers decided that the soundtrack to the hottest thing for 13 year old girls since R Kelly (zing!) needed was the guy from Radiohead and tons of other indie-cred bands.

Here we have Ian Brown’s “Stellify”, the ex-Stone Roses front man (who are deserving a post of their own soon) and inspiration and sole reason Oasis exists. Those guys stole every move from Ian Brown and then got insanely rich from it in the 90’s. But Brown is still chugging along and still puts out good singles like this, which he wrote originally for Rhianna!

To finish off the “lead singer goes solo” theme of today’s post we have Julian Casablancas, usually of the band The Strokes. He has a solo album coming out the end of the month and this lead single is actually pretty good, and sounds like it came straight out of 1985 with synths and drum machines and everything. But is that his real name?