GMODT’s Music Monday featuring ‘The Avalanches’


What it is LaxNation. It’s time for your Monday music upgrade. From GMODT central command here in Portland, OR it’s in the morning and already 60 and sunny, so some feel good music built for the spring time is on the way.

Today you can listen to The Avalanches, a group consisting of six Australian DJ’s that released their first (and so far only) album in 2000, “Since I Left You”. The amazing thing about this album is that every single one of it’s songs is built around dozens of different samples from countless albums. The group used incredibly rare souls singles, instructional videos and sound collages to piece together and form orignal songs, all edited to flow together as a coheisve album. Two of my favorite tracks off of it are here, but everyone should pick this up to expereince the whole thing. LET’S GO!