GMODT’s Music Tuesday Featuring Blueprint 3 And The Man On The Moon


Kid Cudi lays it on the line in his latest album

Two previous GMODT artists are back for a victory lap today- Jay-Z and Kid Cudi. Both have new albums out this week, Jay-Z with the third installment of his “Blueprint” series and Cudi with his debut “Man On The Moon: The End Of The Day”. Thanks to the magic of the internets I have had the chance to listen to both front to back and they don’t disappoint.

While “Blueprint 3” is nowhere near as good as the decade-best first in the series, it does find Jay-Z sounding as if he is interested in rapping again and the producers he has assembled, including Kanye West, Timbaland and The Neptunes lend some pretty good beats to the album.

It’s the Kid Cudi album that really stands out though. Much more melodic and spacey than most hip-hop albums, Cudi shows he has a knack for a good hook and an ear for interesting arrangements. Rookie of the year for hip-hop?


Album cover for "Man On The Moon"

Kid Cudi- Up, Up and Away

Kid Cudi- My World

Kid Cudi- Sky Might Fall


Jay-Z: un-retired for the 42nd time?

Jay- Z- What We Talkin’ About Ft. Luke

Jay- Z- Already Home Ft. Kid Cudi

Jay- Z- Empire State Of Mind Ft. Alicia Keys

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