Eaglebrook Varsity Lacrosse 2000s

Going Home: Eaglebrook Varsity Lacrosse

0 - Published January 6, 2012 by in Youth

When older lacrosse players head home for the holidays or for a visit they often unearth old mementos from their former lacrosse lives.  We’ve seen some photos, apparel and even a helmet so far.  Now we take a short trip back in time to Deerfield, MA where the Eaglebrook Varsity team went 11-0 as a middle school squad playing other middle schools and some high school JV teams.

Not only was our main man, Payu, from the Thailand Lacrosse Association on the team, but so was Pete Striebel, who went on to play at Deerfield and later Princeton.  A number of other players went on to play at D2 and D3 schools in college.  I think Payu actually played LSM or close D back then, instead of his now preferred attack.  Deep down every long pole wants to score.

Eaglebrook Varsity Lacrosse 2000s

Love the stuff from the past!