GTG Lacrosse Highlights + A Great Stick Trick

Rory Baldini Connor Wilson Thailand Lacrosse Grow The Game
I usually play D WITH Rory. This time he covered me. Still awesome!

Remember WAAAAAAAAAAY back in June when we went to Thailand?  I know, it was almost two months ago.  Crazy.  Well, just to remind you all how awesome it was, and how much we look forward to doing it again next year, we’re showing off a couple videos that make us all nostalgic, in the best possible way.

There actually was some game footage collected, thanks to our main man Dan Helfrich of the LacrosseRoads blog.  It’s about 2 minutes of non-stop action, and I really think you can feel the humidity in the video.  It was approaching 90% for most of our trip, and the game itself was no exception.  None of us had ever felt so skinny!

And then there were stick tricks. Tell me this isn’t the coolest stick trick you’ve seen in a long time. I dare you. Gotta love Aussies!

Don’t forget the helmet cam! We made good, if brief, use of it! We need lessons on charging and batteries!

It was an UNREAL trip, and for all involved, one of the best experiences we’ve ever had.  Just thought we’d remind you what we did, and HOPEFULLY, we’ll inspire you too to travel the world and Grow The Game in your own vernacular!  IL has now gone to Cuba, some Notre Dame guys are helping Uganda… maybe you could try Iceland, or Tonga, or South Africa!  Drop us a line at to see how we might be able to help!  Grow The Game!  DO IT TO IT!

Rory Baldini Connor Wilson Thailand Lacrosse Grow The Game
What will YOUR GTG story be?