Happy Holidays from Top Side Lacrosse!

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I think these guys are proponents of "saving the dive"!

Although I don’t have the beard, belly or outfit to pull off a decent Santa impersonation, I did my part this holiday season to make sure I don’t get any coal in my stocking!

My company, Top Side Lacrosse, LLC, has been contributing to lower Westchester County (NY) for three years now by providing leagues, clinics and lax training to boys of all ages and abilities. This year has been my most successful and proudest by far!  We are currently in the middle of our Winter League which has 24 teams and close to 400 kids ranging from 3rd and 4th grade up to Varsity.  Teams from all over Westchester come out to fight for the title of Top Side Champion – or maybe it’s because we keep stats and make two highlight videos per week!  Either way, it’s definitely the best lax experience you will get!

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I think these guys are proponents of “saving the dive”!

Since it’s that time of year to give back, I wanted to give my guys something special. I decided to reach out to Maverik Lacrosse for some help. They were gracious enough to come up to my league to not only display some of the finest lax equipment out there, but also to bring Dan Hardy with them for an autograph and photo session.

top side lacrosse dan hardy maverik
Dan Hardy (a huge human being) at the Top Side Lacrosse facility.

The boys from Maverik hung out for a few hours, signed a few posters and made a bunch of kids happy. We hope this was the first of many joint operations!

Not only did I want to give back to the lax community, but to the rest of the community as well. So I teamed up with the Food Bank of Westchester and sponsored the First Annual Top Side Food Drive at our Winter League. Players and parents were extremely gracious as we collected more than 150 cans on Sunday to donate!

top side lacrosse donations
Great job giving back the community, guys! Keep up the great work and double the effort!!

We are looking to double that amount next weekend! Come on down and show your support for the cause!

The lax gods have chosen you to represent our sport! It’s important that we not only team up on the field, but team up around our communities as well, so make sure to get out there and do your part and let’s continue to Grow The Game the right way! Don’t be a Grinch!

Happy Holidays from Top Side Lacrosse!