High School Top Talent


Editor’s note: Brett Hughes ran the ESPN RISE High School division for 2 years and is going to be bringing Lax Nation stories from High School hero’s and top stoppers from around the nation. This is his first “High School Top Talent” post.

Boys Latin (MD) is in the top D in everyone’s eyes, mine as well, and the BL Lakers always happen to have a strong team. They understand lacrosse in Maryland and always have good lacrosse athletes.

One good example is Sophomore Attack Greg Pyke at 6’5″ 280 lbs.

Wait…. What? Sophomore lacrosse player at BL is 6’5″???? I had to double check  everywhere from Inside Lacrosse to coaches around the country on that info before I  believed it.

Yes, the 6’5″ 280 pound sophomore is the first on my list of intriguing High School players to watch.   Pyke sticks out not because  he’s that big but because he has the BL lacrosse ability to go with it and is also surrounded by D1 talent galore.

Wells Stanwick (Hopkins), Pat Foster (UNC), Jeff Chase (ACL held him back but a varsity contributor since his freshman year), R.G. Keenan (UNC), and a Defense with Mike Krantz(UMBC) and Ben Kellar(Bucknell)… Put that group around a small locomotive and its a recipe for a big year for this D1 football/ ND lacrosse recruit.

Here are some of Greg’s football highlights to give you an idea of his size and skills:

Why else is he intriguing? Well outside of the frame and D1 football looks  he also put up big numbers so far. He dropped 5 on Georgetown Prep who is in the top 10 in the nation and was a man among boys. From what I’ve heard this young man understands the game, can shoot and drive, but also has stick skills and uses his body like a kid that is roughly the size of Justin Tuck from the NY Giants.

I’m going to be highlighting top High School talent from around the country so  if you know someone I should take a look at please shoot me a message. I have my finger on the pulse but am willing to learn more.

Stay tuned to Lax All Stars as I check back in next week with the “Hughes’ Top Stopper of the Week” taking a look at D-men and Goalies from around the game at all levels.

If I don’t see ya in SoCal or wherever lax is being played.. as they say on Cool Runnings
Peace Be Da Journey!

About the author: MLL All-Star Brett Hughes is a former UVA All-American who currently plays longpole for the Denver Outlaws. In addition to playing pro ball, Hughes runs the lacrosse division of ESPN RISE and represents Team STX. He is also Co-Founder/Director of Lacrosse The Nations, a non-profit organization using the universal language of sport to bring hope and joy into the heart of impoverished communities.

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