Hot Pot: First Season – Calling All NEW Programs!

Grow The Game

Yesterday I posted a story about the brand new lacrosse team at Highlands High School in Texas. It was written by Mary Mattia, the Head Coach of the boys’ team, and it documented what lacrosse meant to this new group of enthusiasts, while shining a light on how communities can rally and support one another.

Next week, I will follow up with a story on the first year team that I was coaching in Brooklyn this Spring… but this series can’t end with Mary and me!

So I’m putting the call out there to new programs from across the country, and around the world, to submit stories about their first year (or their first years) out on the field.

I don’t expect every story to be a story of pure success, and it is almost never about the wins and losses. I’m looking for real stories, not just Disney movie type tales, and I want to help you share it all with the world.

What went right? What went wrong? What did you learn?

If you played on, coached, reffed, or watched a first year team in 2013, I want to hear about it. Check out Mary’s post from yesterday, and use it to get started. Check out my post next week, and give it another shot. You just might surprise yourself.

Please submit your First Season Stories to LAS via out Tipline!