Hot Pot: Helmets To Europe!


I’ve gone over to Prague for the Ales Hrebesky Memorial the last two years, and as you’ve seen from our coverage, it’s an amazing event! But this year, LAS and I are looking to step up the Grow The Game effort in Europe, and we’re hoping to get some fellow American and Canadian players on board… The process is really quite simple:

1) Every American or Canadian player would bring at least one helmet with them that they will plan on giving away at the end of the tournament.

2) We will name a point person, and create a simple collection avenue for the helmets (a storage area, small trailer, or someone’s car).

3) We will work with our contacts in Europe to identify programs in need to receive helmets.

4) We Grow The Game!

I’ve left pads, sticks, and tons of apparel over in Europe on my trips, and it’s always a rewarding experience to see a kid get a new stick or pair of shorts. But helmets are a HUGE difference maker over in Europe, so let’s step it up this year, get more people involved, and help spread this wonderful sport to even more interested people!

I am also working on getting a large shipment of helmets over to Europe now, so if you have any leads on gear, hit us up in the comments section of this post to get involved…

Here is a video from the Bratislava Bats, using a GoPro at the Prague Cup, just to give you a taste of European Lacrosse, in case you don’t know much about it:

Thanks to Romas Rydlo for sending those videos over!

Now it’s time to spread the word, get involved, and get to giving the game, then Growing the Game!


  1. I might have some spare helmets to send off to someone who’s going. I’ve been picking up equipment at local thrift stores on the cheap and everything is starting to take up too much space in my apartment. I’ll keep looking out for equipment that can make it’s way out to Europe.