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Hot Pot Of Lax: Doing Some Good In The World

Uganda Fields Of Growth
Do Good Things!

This week’s HOT POT is simple: Doing Some Good In The World!

Yesterday, we showed you all about Larry Mackey (via an interview and some videos), and how he is in Uganda right now helping out with a local village and coaching some lacrosse.  Well today, we have a great video from Fields Of Growth that covers their recent trip to Uganda.  The focus is on building a new house on the edge of the rain forest, and Kevin Dugan (ND lax) and Johnny Christmas feature heavily in the video.

The Fields Of Growth peeps are doing great things in the World, and we just want to say THANKS! Keep up the great work!

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Remember when we talked about lax in Norway with the BI Lions?  You do????   Good!  Because now we have training video from them and it is inspiring stuff, while also being quite funny at times… at least if you find cups being worn outside shorts funny.  We do!  Lax in Norway is taking OFF!

Uganda Fields Of Growth

Do Good Things!

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