Hot Pot Of Lax: Rant – What Is Traditional?


Welcome to the Hot Pot! It used to be a place for civil discussion, news, links and some video, but all that stuff is moving to the Weekly Lacrosse Drop, or to our Lacrosse Stories posts, so where does the HP go from here?

It goes to Rant City, where it belongs… and it stays there!

It’s Wednesday morning, the coffee is still brewing, and I’m cranky. Time to rant and rave about stuff. So what’s up this week? Traditional Nomenclature, and how FEW who think they know, actually get it right:

It’s ALL Traditional, Kids!

Any time someone posts a photo of a traditional string job on their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, someone is sure to comment and do their best to tear the work apart. The comments people make on the stringing are usually pretty over the top… Nitpicky, myopic and condescending, they rarely come across as nice. But at least those kids are staying on topic! It’s the commenters who try to tell you that a Pita Pocket isn’t traditional, who tick me off.


Listen, ALL sticks strung with leathers and laces, and no mesh, are traditional. ALL of them. Traditional is the PARENT TERM for the broader type of pocket. A Pita Pocket is a type of traditional pocket. A six diamond is a type of traditional pocket. And yes, a Rock-it-Pocket is also a type of traditional pocket.

Does it have leathers and cross lace? Yes. Does it have mesh? No. Then it is traditional. Deal with it. If you’re going to be an anonymous online smart-guy, at least try to be smart.

Disagree with me on this topic? Feel free to leave a comment, but just know in advance that you are 100% wrong.