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Hot Pot Of Lax: T-Shirt #5, YOUR DESIGN

Your Choice

Let’s make t-shirt #5 extra special…

This week, I’ve presented 4 design concepts to you guys:

The ABC’s of Box Lacrosse


The Mesh Doctor Tee

Pure Legend Tee

The feedback and input has been awesome, but I realized something – it’s not very fun if I’m the only one coming up with these ideas.

I’d like to do something a little more special for this last design. I want YOU to design it. Simply email me your sketch, file or even just your basic idea. If I pick your concept to work with, I’ll email you back and we’ll work together to finish the design and put it on a t-shirt for everyone to see.

Not only that, I’ll send you a brand new pair of LAS Apollo Creed Shorts too. We just got a new shipment in, and now all I want to do is watch Rocky.



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Jeff Brunelle is the founder and CEO of Lacrosse All Stars. A west coast native and product of the MCLA, Jeff moved back East after college and truly fell in love with the game. He now spends every waking moment building and Red Label Sports from our headquarters in Boise, Idaho.


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