Hot Pot Of Lax: When The Groom Is A Lax Bro…


We’re going to have to chug this Hot Pot. I’m scraping to get out of town this morning…

I’m heading to Washington DC with 3 of my high school buddies for our friend’s wedding on New Year’s Eve. Only a true lax dude would have his wedding on NYE, right? That’s Jumbo Jack (the groom) for you. He’s a Woozle.

Me & Jumbo Jack AKA Rob, Brawl In McCall 2004

He’s one of the very few MCLA-to-NCAA stories, having played at the University of Utah and then getting recruited to Mount St. Mary’s in Emmitsburg, Maryland. And he actually may be the only MCLA-to-NCAA-to-MCLA guy, because after a season at MSM he headed out to the University of Idaho, where he coached, played and finished up school.

I’m the best man, so not only am I trying to get out of town… I’ve got a speech to prepare! It’s been running through my head the past few weeks, but it ain’t perfect yet.

Any tips or last minute advice for a guy trying to give a good laxy toast at his best friend’s wedding?

(…other than “don’t screw it up!”)



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STX Window Decal

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Marymount College lacrosse gear

Marymount is an MCLA D2 SLC team. Marymount started their lacrosse team back in 2008, but this year the school has really gotten behind the program and is looking at building a strong competitive program. Accordingly the team has received an amazing program through Under Armour for all of their uniforms, practice gear, and apparel, Asics will be the official cleat of the program, and the team will be rockin the awesome Brine King 3 gloves and equipment this season.

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This nifty Stick Trick vid was sent in to us by Zack Wilson of Woodcreek Lacrosse.


  1. 1. Thank the families (parents for putting together the wedding)
    2. Thank everyone for coming especially from far distances
    3. Welcome the bride to the family and comment on how beautiful she looks
    4. Tell a funny story
    5. Right after the punchline propose a toast

    People are hungry and want to get drunk so keep it under 5 minutes. Remember that when you’re at a wedding you don’t really listen to the toast so no one is really listening to you!

  2. I’ve been a best man to the groom, also for the bride… in my experience:

    Keep it clean, short, and light… make sure to highlight the groom qualities but don’t forget to make sure it can tied-in into “their” marriage. It is as much her day as much as his, even though you’re representing “his side”. So by that I mean, make the “laxy” side of the toast short, not too much inside joke between you and him (or just another 4-5 lax guys at the wedding).

    Just remember: Don’t make it about you (there’s plenty of time to impressed the brides maids, dude).

    Good luck, and break a leg…