Hot Pot: Is Texas Going D1?

University of Texas Longhorns lacrosse goalie

Both and The Growth Blog have made mention of the University of Texas possibly going D1 in men’s lacrosse at some ambiguous point in the future. Why is this story coming up now? Because the UT blog,, said that it’s possible, that’s why!

The big story over on is all about Texas’ new Athletic Director, Steve Patterson, who is starting his job next week, and how he has a history of cutting waste and cleaning up pro franchises and college athletics departments alike. He did that for the Portland Trailblazers in the early 2000s, and he did it for ASU when he was their AD. So how exactly does lacrosse figure in to the equation here?

After going through a long list of high salaries and informing the reader of the University’s spending habits, the author finally mentions lacrosse in the last paragraph or two:

The fact no one from the Texas athletic department – no current coaches or staff – were consulted in the hiring of Patterson sent a strong message that big changes would be coming.

I was told with enough employee cuts, Texas could add a lacrosse program, which is on the to-do list.

The clear message of the advisory committee that just hired Patterson is success will return to athletics when any entitlement from UT’s increased accounting is replaced by a culture of accountability.

It’s important to note that the source did not say whether this would be a men’s program, or a women’s program. Right now, Texas has neither. But it’s also encouraging no matter what! A big time school like Texas considering lacrosse, for men or women, is great. It means more opportunity for lacrosse athletes and an increased stature on the overall D1 scene.

People have been asking when the next “big time” school adds lacrosse. I’ve always thought of Oregon, Wisconsin, Florida State, BC, Minnesota, USC, and Michigan State, but I’d be happy to welcome Texas into the fold as well! A Longhorns lacrosse team would be exciting, and with Texas’ new TV contract (they will have their own channel), UT could build a really solid following, and do so quickly. Add in the improving talent locally in-state, and Texas could be pretty good immediately. I can’t imagine it would be too hard to bring recruits in either!

I love an AD who wants to clean up a major athletic department. But when they add in the carrot of lacrosse? I like them even more! SO even though D1 lacrosse expansion is not guaranteed, welcome to the Texas show, Steve Patterson! Let us know if we can help convince you to add men’s AND women’s lacrosse!


  1. This is definitely a possiblity. The University of Texas/Austin,TX market is unlike any other market in the State. While some will argue that Texas is a football state and the UT is a football school, and both are true, UT does offer the additional pieces and culture to support D1 lacrosse. Recently, they completed a facility that has a lacrosse dedicated field. The student culture, though assumably football fanatics have more pride in school than football, especially with this years record. Also, one day on the campus and you can see and feel the diversity that would be very welcoming of D1 Lacrosse. From a financial standpoint, UT supposedly operates on the largest athletic budget in the NCAA, which most is definitely sent in the direction of football, but none of the other sports are lacking by any means. The biggest piece to this is that UT has long been absent in groundbreaking one-upsmanship within the big D1 schools in the South. This would one up everyone in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and even Alabama; and would in theory one up Florida.

    Why would a college player want to play at UT… in Texas?!?! The “younger” version of myself can throw out a couple of phrases to easily squash that debate: 6th Street, Austin City Limits, SXSW, and did I mention 6th Street? All these play directly towards the stereotype of the lacrosse bro (that we can’t seem to get rid of).

    just a thought….

  2. it would be a pretty easy transition. they already have a pretty decent men’s team that plays MCLA lacrosse in the lodestar alliance. They finished 11th overall behind oregon, colorado, colorado state, BYU, Arizona state and a couple of other salty teams. I hear the women’s program is pretty good as well.