How Teams Can Utilize Social Media


Editor’s note: The following is a guest post from Andrew Dymski, a junior marketing management major and social media ethusiast at Grove City College. Andrew plays goalie for the Grove City Wolverines, was a former LAS D2 Player to Watch,  and he’s also Vice-President and Co-Captain of the team.

Utilizing Social Media to Create a Strong Support Base

As a club team experiences some success and seeks to transition into a sustainable virtual-varsity program, they will soon realize that a strong support base is a necessity.  With varying levels of commitment from colleges and universities, the program is typically left with the responsibility of getting creative to come up with the resources necessary to play a competitive season.

Social media gives programs a chance to establish a national support base by connecting, engaging and informing their audience.  In this two-part series, I would like to share the potential that social media (Twitter and Facebook) have to offer your program.  Through these cost-free channels you can tap into a huge potential by simply reaching out and giving alumni, parents and fans, and even the media, something to cheer for.

Part I: Twitter

Most people shake their heads and wonder how you could ever communicate a meaningful message in 140 characters or less.  The truth of the matter is that Twitter has transformed the way teams in the MCLA communicate with each other and transmit information to their fans and followers across the globe.   I would like to share with you three ways MCLA teams can use Twitter to position themselves for success: tweets from the sideline during games, communication with MCLA media and informing fans and followers about the program.

Tweets from the Sideline

Tweets from the sideline have brought an ESPN bottom-line feel to the flow of information coming out of the MCLA.  They allow anyone to track the progress of the game, virtually play by play.  Take an enthusiastic stat keeper or an injured player, give them a smart phone and let them work.  By following teams, you are updated on information faster than ever before.  This is a quick and easy step to inform your support base.

This season gives every game a specific code to hash tag in your tweets.  By placing this hash tag at the end of all of your tweets it feeds the information into  This centralizes the information flowing from both benches in one easy-to-find place.  This gives your program a chance to be seen on the national level.

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