If the Top 10 College Football teams wore STX Shadow Lacrosse Gloves…

STX Shadow Glove Customizer

Editor’s note: Hey LaxAllStars family, let’s welcome Will Jordan to the gang. Will is a high school sophomore, ballin’ out of central Massachusetts. He will be letting you know what’s cool, you can trust him.

With college football now in full swing, it’s a great time to make some custom lacrosse gear for the top teams in country! Teams like Oregon, Alabama, and a ton of others are known partially for their flashy attire. Gloves are the recent trend in customized gear for college football, but it’s nothing new to us in the lax world. Imagine if teams like the Ducks had the same dedication to swag in lacrosse as they do football.

2014 NCAA College football Oregon Ducks gloves

Ducks are fly, together

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Using the STX customizer, I designed Shadow gloves for the top 10 teams in the BCS standings, and they really came out great. My personal favorites were Clemson, Stanford, OSU, and Alabama. Thanks to STX’s top notch customizer, these gloves were a breeze to make and could easily fit with the given teams colors.

BCS NCAA Football Top 25

BCS Football Top 25

Up to date rankings are always on ESPN, let’s get to the gloves!

10. Oklahoma:


Hey Sooners!

9. Missouri:



8. Clemson:


Welcome to Death Valley

7. Miami:


Here come the Canes

6. Baylor:


Da’ Bears

5. Stanford:


Cardinal Pride

4. Ohio State:


Let’s Go Bucks

3. Florida State:


Noles’ Nation

2. Oregon:


Quack Quack

1. Alabama:


Roll TIde



LAS Theme

UCLA NCAA football gloves 2013

Not in the Top 10, but still amazing

Photo Credit: SB Nation

Customizer Review:

Zones — 3.5/5


Color Panels

Zone 1: Purple
Zone 2: Blue
Zone 3: Yellow
Zone 4: Green
Piping: White
STX logo: Red
Shadow logo: Grey

Although there were seven color zones in total, only zones 1-3 had any major effect on the look of the glove. I would have liked to see another major zone added on the glove, offering more areas to add secondary colors like grey.

Color Options — 4/5

Every major and minor team color is covered on this glove, making it easy to match any team. Zones 1-4 and the STX logo had 18 colors available! However, the piping and shadow logo only had two colors available each, which I would have liked to see improved.

Ease of Use — 5/5

This was a very easy website to use, with no lag. A nice touch was the buttons on the side with load, save, reset, trash, and view buttons, making it easy to make quick changes to your glove

Overall — 12.5/15

Overall, this was a great customizer to use, and I would highly recommend for any high school or club teams looking for gloves this year. The link to make your own is below.

Next week, I will be back with a tribute to the NFL. In the meantime, check out the STX customizer for yourself!

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Will Jordan began playing lacrosse during second grade in 2006. He is currently a sophomore midfielder at Worcester Academy and in his second year playing for the varsity lacrosse team. He is a dedicated player with hopes of playing in college and eventually taking on a career in sports engineering/design or sports marketing. Currently playing for Team Central out of central Mass., Will is a team-first player with the drive to compete
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