IMLCA Convention Recap – Part 2

ivy league mayhem

The following is a collection of the best quotes, tips, and drills from the December IMLCA Convention. If you attended these sessions, hopefully these notes remind you of something you forgot. If you did not attend the IMLCA convention, hopefully these notes convince you of its importance, and give you something to new to think about for practice.

Paul Cantabene – Stevenson – Face offs

This is the second time I’ve seen this presentation. If I see it a third time, I’m sure I’ll learn something new.

-Skill position developed over the years.

-Don’t lose it before you take it. Avoid problems by getting into the right stance.

-Know what shoes your wing players wear.

-You can’t be great everyday, but you can work hard everyday.

Best Drill

Set up a faceoff featuring your faceoff middie versus a pole. The faceoff middie will go down into his stance and win the draw uncontested. The pole will be standing up ready to hunt. Have the pole start in different positions (in front, behind, to the side). This drill teaches your faceoff man how to carry under pressure.

John Danowksi – Duke – Coaching

This speech focused more on his personal coaching philosophy rather than what drills they do in Durham.

-Former players will never come back and say thank you for making it easy on me, thank you for letting me slide.

-What are the characteristics of high performance teams? Meet the standards or get out.

-Reteach, kids don’t remember from year to year.

Recommended watching Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “Start With Why.”  It’s 18 minutes. You can do it.

John Galloway, Adam Ghitelman, Kip Turner – Goalie Play

Two of these three netminders participated in the USA team tryouts. All are current D1 coaches.

-Warm up has to be the most challenging part of your day.

-Hit the ball, don’t let the ball hit you.

-Make the goalie be friends with the poles. We want to defend you.

-Congratulating the defense after a stand, finding a solution after a goal allowed.

Best Drill Flutie vs. Kelly

The goalie is the all time quarterback and permitted to go anywhere from the end line to the restraining line. The clearing team (6) is limited to working in between the midline and restraining line. The riding team consists of (5) players. Clearing team plays keep away from the riding team.

(This is a slight bastardization of the drill described at the convention. If anyone knows the specifics, please include them in the comments!)

Recommended reading Mind Gym by Gary Mack

Lars Tiffany – Brown – Man Down 

Coach Tiffany was asked if he had a certain situation that he liked to extend pressure. He replied, “My favorite scenario is low left, 3-3, February. Bang.”

The impetus being the athlete in the low left corner is a man up specialist who spent a good portion of the game freezing on the sideline.

Best Drill 3v2 Push

Cones are set up 10 yards away from the goal. The offense is not permitted from going below the cones. The defense is working on covering 2 with 1. The offense is working on creating easier shots with pump fakes and developing a sense of how to work for a better shot.

JP Brazel – Hofstra – Team Offense and Shooting Techniques

Coach Brazel’s Key Stats

-38 shots per game

-60% on net

-30% shooting

-25% of goals scored in 6v6

-No turn overs around the perimeter

Can you imagine how many games you would win if you had zero turnovers exchanging the ball around the perimeter? What if you just cut your turnovers around the perimeter in half? Would that help you win every one goal game?

Coach Brazel on Shooting

-Catch it behind, getting hands ready early

-Back to the cage, look over your shoulder

-Transfer weight from back to front, getting all the weight into the front foot

-“Whoosh”, hear every follow through

John Paul – Michigan – Building a Program

Having interviewed Coach Paul several years ago regarding the ins and outs of his MCLA powerhouse, I was curious to see how much had changed if anything since the jump to D1.

-Culture is everything

-Find a way to get wins in other areas (community service, team GPA)

-Less culture and leadership you have, the more rules you’ll have

-Revealing your practice plan allows players to see you’re organized, see your attention to detail, and see the progression

-The first recruiting class and the remaining club guys did not get along

Recommended reading Fourth & Long by John Bacon

Coach Paul was especially high on the Penn State portion of the book, which focused on Bill O’Brien’s efforts to steady the program amidst their child abuse scandal.

The 2014 IMLCA Convention has been set for December 11-14.

Keep an eye on their website for registration.