Inside Look: 2014 Shootout For Soldiers

2014 Shootout For Soldiers Photo Credit: Craig Chase

The Shootout for Soldiers is one of the most amazing lacrosse events that happens each and every year. It’s simple, they play 1 game, for 24 hours, with the goal of raising as much money and awareness as possible to support the Wounded Warrior Project and other various organizations that help those who have fallen or been injured in the act of serving his or her country as well as their families.

In practice, there are 24 1-hour mini-games played by two teams, Stars and Stripes. Players are grouped into either team once they register and the score is cumulative for the day, last year Stars beat Stripes 349-336! Teams fill certain 1 hour slots, and others are filled with free agent teams.

The event has taken place in Baltimore every year and each year becomes a little more special than the last, we’ve seen the MLL hour filled with the game’s best pros, flyovers, paratroopers landing on the field and so much more! This year, Long Island will be holding a Shootout for Soldiers of their own July 24-25th. The first game on the 24th is reserved for veterans of the United States military!

If you haven’t seen it, here’s an awesome video to fill you in and the full 24hr stream was available this year thanks to The Lacrosse Network.

2014 Shootout For Soldiers Video

It was a sight to be seen when the US Army Golden Knights landed on the field to kick off this year’s game in Baltimore!

When it was all said and done, the event featured over 2,000 participants, 14,000 spectators and raised $175,000 for our nation’s veterans!

Thanks to Craig Chase, we have some spectacular photographs to remember the 2014 Shootout for Soldiers.

To learn more about the Shootout For Soldiers visit their website and get involved with such a worthwhile cause!

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