PREMIUM VIDEO: Interview with US Lacrosse CEO

Interview with US Lacrosse CEO (6-part series)

Exclusive interview with Steve Stenerson, CEO of US Lacrosse, the governing body of the sport in the United States, about the current state of the game and where we’re headed from here. Mr. Stenerson shares his perspective on a variety of trends and issues in the game, including:

  1. The continued growth of the game
  2. Consistency in coaching and teaching
  3. Box lacrosse in the US
  4. The rising cost of equipment
  5. What’s wrong with the lacrosse industry
  6. Today’s heroes of the game

All six parts of our interview are available for LAS Insider subscribers today, you can watch all six at the top of this post!

Over the next few weeks, we will release each part publicly on our website for the world to see. Special thanks to Steve Stenerson for his time, transparency, and kind words of encouragement for LAS. Here’s to a great future ahead for our sport!

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