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I googled “LSU” and this picture came up. Can you teach me how to snuggie?

Teach me how to Snuggie. Te-teach me how to snuggie.

My Christmas list now consists of one item.  Can you guess what it is?

I was lucky enough to catch up with @LSULax ‘s President and attackman, Jake Most.

That’s the same Jake Most you see on

I’ve been hearing through the grapevine that my Alma Mater has been going through some changes, so I stalked them until they caved in and spoke with me. Here’s what Mr. Most had to say:

LAS: LSU did tryouts this year, right? How did that go?

Jake Most: We did have tryouts this year for the first time. We had 50 guys show up over three days. I think it was very successful. we had the most talent I’ve ever seen on a lacrosse field in Louisiana, granted I’ve only been here for three years. But I was very impressed.

Who should we watch for this year (aside from you)? Who should we watch out for 2-3 years from now?

Jake Most: I think we should look out for a much improved defense this year. We have two starters returning, in Matt Burger and captain Greg Giacopino. In terms of midfield, we return our faceoff man from last year: Tim Trahan, who did a great job last year, we hope he can do the same again this year. We also have a lot of out-of-state talent in Ray Phrypun from Maryland and Mike Goodrich from Pennsylvania.

In the future I would look out for Benny Gonzalez a Freshman midfielder from Port Washington, NY, which is also my hometown. In state guys I would look out for are two attackmen, Dan Adler and Jordan Ramirez, from Dutchtown and Brother Martin respectively. They’ve shown a lot in practice and will make a strong push for a lot of playing time.

How is the schedule looking so far this year? Any major Out of Conference games you can share with us?

Jake Most: In terms of schedule we are tentatively scheduled to play Clemson, South Carolina and Ole Miss in Oxford, Ms. in February. We are also hosting Auburn and Alabama. In addition to that we are playing the LSA South teams: UT, Texas A&M, Texas St. Baylor, Rice. Plus our South Louisiana rivals Tulane and ULL

It looks like LSU is going through a bit of change culturally, having tryouts and scheduling more OOC games. Can you tell us what’s going on there?

Jake Most: LSU is definitely going through a change culturally. From when I arrived in Fall 2008 to now is like night and day. A lot of that comes from the growth of the game in Louisiana as well as around the State, mainly Texas. We had tryouts because the amount of talent going out for the team dictated that they were necessary. The culture has become a lot more committed and competitive, which I think is a really good thing. That being said, we still have a good time, because not much is better than competing.

What are practices like? How is the attendance? Facilities? What do you do when it rains?

Jake Most: Practices are pretty typical lacrosse practices. We practice at night so we get basically full turn out every practice since they are mandatory. Our coaches like to emphasize competing, so a lot of our drills involve some form of competition. When it rains and the fields are closed it does limit our options. We usually meet at the REC center and do some running, agility, and stick skills work. We also sometimes go over plays and defenses on the Basketball courts when possible.

How does the program operate? Does the Head Coach do any administrative work, or do the players handle it all?

Jake Most: The program operates as a Student Organization. We like to make it so all the coach has to worry about is coaching. Our Executive board, made up of four student-athletes, meets weekly to discuss the team and its plans.

Does LSU receive any funding from the UREC? How are funds raised?

Jake Most: LSU receives some funding from UREC as well as Student Government. The REC provides us with fields and SG helps us pay for things like league fees and travel. Players pay yearly dues that cover apparel, travel, equipment, and league fees.

Does LSU Lax have anything big in the works? Merch? Camps/Clinics?

Jake Most: As of now LSU does not have anything that can be confirmed other than merchandise sales at local games and tournaments. There are plans to have an alumni game and golf outing in the fall as well as the possibility of a youth lacrosse clinic and high school tournament.

Does LSU do anything to help promote and grow lacrosse in Louisiana, at any level?

Jake Most: LSU is holding a scrimmage against all of South Louisiana’s college teams (Tulane and ULL) November 21st on the campus of LSU. The scrimmage will be open to the public. The team has also helped out at the Battle by the Beach tournament in Mississippi over the last three years.

Does LSU participate in recruitment of any sort? How so?

LSU Lacrosse has a number of former players who are now working as high school coaches in the South Louisiana area. They do a lot to help recruit for the team by telling their players what a great experience it is to play at LSU.

Tell me about LSU’s fashion – do you have any new gear coming in this year? Who supplies you with your stuff?

Jake Most: One of our players favorite parts about playing here is the apparel we receive. There is a lot in the works that I currently am not liberty to talk about, but I can tell you that the last two years we have worked with Lacrosse Unlimited and Purple Monkey on some great Nike gear.

(Editor’s Note: Jake did send me these pictures, so I guess this is what we’re allowed to see for now)


What are some key steps that you (or the program) have taken to promote the program on campus and with the administration? The community?

Jake Most: Some key steps that the program has taken to increase awareness around campus is to post ads for games/tryouts on screen savers and information TVs around campus. In addition to that we have increased our philanthropic efforts to help the community. Last April we did a Habitat for Humanity build in Baton Rouge.

Where do you see LSU Lax in 5 years? What can you do (or are you doing) to get it there?

Jake Most: In 5 years I see LSU lacrosse as a preeminent power in the LSA South division. I think we have taken big steps forward in the last 2 1/2 years and if we stay on track we can really become a team that consistently competes for bids to the MCLA national tournament. That’s the goal. To get there we are just trying to stress competition and commitment. I can tell you that those are the two most important things in building a successful club team and I think we are on the right track.

Thanks for your time Jake!

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