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LaxWraps_StickIf you haven’t heard of Lax Wraps yet, you probably will soon. Founder Andrew Dantos came up with the idea while coaching youth lacrosse in Maryland. The product, a polyester adhesive covering, allows a player to completely customize their shaft. Think Fathead, but for your stick. At a relatively affordable price ($20), the player can pick everything from color or pattern (camo, checkered, etc.) and add personalized text. It rolls onto your stick easily and can be removed without leaving sticky residue.

Recently, Lacrosse All Stars got a customized Lax Wrap in the mail and we’ve been testing it out. (We’ll have a full review up in the next couple of weeks.) We also spoke with Andrew about the product, his typical day as a lacrosse entrepreneur, and the growth of the sport. Check it out:

Can you tell us a little about the Lax Wrap product? What is it and why is it special?

Lax Wraps give the lacrosse player the ability to customize the shaft. It is made of a printable polyester with a fabric feel unlike the cheaper vinyl imitations. Beware of the cheap vinyl it gets bubbles and you can not reposition it. Lax Wraps can be put on, removed, repositioned and replaced without losing any adhesion. Similar to a Fathead that you can take on and off over and over. They come in attack/middie, defense, and goalie lengths. Hundreds of color and design combinations and now FREE personalized text with all different colors and fonts. Players can now have their name and jersey number on their stick in their team colors. We have a page on the website where you can preview your own creation. Lax Wraps also sells rolls of standard athletic tapes in all colors and camos to accent your wrap.

Marcus_Holman__Laxwrap_player_of_the_weekHow did Lax Wraps get started? What’s the story behind it?

The idea started while coaching youth lacrosse in Bowie, Maryland. I originally thought that teams would be more uniformed if all the team’s sticks were painted in team colors. Painting each kids’ stick was not practical so it evolved from there. Now with the ability to personalize, kids won’t pick up someone else’s stick.

What is your background?

Started helping with pee wee lacrosse when my son started playing and when he moved up to next age group there was a coaching vacancy and decided to help. I had only played boys and girls club youth lacrosse when I was a kid. I have been in the construction industry for nearly 20 years and have had multiple contracting companies.

Is this a full time project for you? As a new company, can you share a couple of the short-term goals you have for Lax Wraps?

The business has peaks and valleys due to the spring and fall seasons. The product is new and people are slowly learning about it. Due to the current economic times, we haven’t been able to advertise as much as we’d like to.

Can you briefly describe your typical day on the job?

A normal day starts with firing up the internet and checking orders. Pass custom orders to our printer and fill stocked items such as plain color wraps, standard design wraps, tapes, t-shirts, and flat-bill hats from our warehouse. Our wonderful office manager Natalie, coordinates many of the activities including other duties pertaining to other ventures that are out of the same  office based in Upper Marlboro Maryland.

Example we personalized on
412 mockup

So far, what’s the most rewarding part of running a company like Lax Wraps?

The rewarding part is seeing your own idea evolve and hopefully become profitable.

As an entrepreneur, is there any advice you would give to younger lacrosse players who are toying with the idea of starting their own lacrosse-related company?

My advice to young players with ideas in business and product development is to not give up. You hit many obstacles along the way and it’s very easy to give in. Perseverance is the key.

In your mind, what do you think it will take for the sport of lacrosse to become more widespread and popular?

I think lacrosse is catching on more now  than ever. You are seeing teams and programs from areas of the country that never heard or seen lacrosse. Being from the Maryland area and the east coast, it’s been a spring time joy for as long as I’ve been around and way before. I think the more televised games of collegiate lax is the way to expand even greater. The collegiate level is the ultimate for spectators. The MLL is fairly new and will hopefully gain an audience similar to the college game.

Favorite lacrosse company?

Under Armour has to be the favorite sporting goods company because they are a local success story. And Warrior is exciting with innovative marketing.

Can you share a picture of your favorite Lax Wrap ever produced?

I don’t have a picture of the wrap but, apparently, a kid was touched by the brutality and devestation of cancer like many families and had personalized his wrap with his team colors and the text was: CANCER SUCKS!!

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