Introducing Radio Zarape


We just blew the lid off Music Monday and turned it all the way up to 11.

Today we’re proud to start a new tradition on Beginning today, and continuing every Monday, we’re partnering with the musical masterminds over at Radio Zarape to showcase one of their podcasts each week.

Get ready to be treated to the stylings of Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage, Kondrat’s Super Awesome Fun Time Sexy For You!, Quiet Time with Quasimodo, or Keith’s Radio Show every Monday from now on.

For the maiden voyage of this brand-spanking new domestic partnership, we’re kicking off with Episode #28 of Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage. Check it out. Coyler has forgotten more about music than we’ll ever know.

His tastes range from punk, blues, glam, lo-fi, hi-fi, and sci-fi to apple pie.

Make sure to visit the site and listen to past episodes to catch up on all the great content they have in their archive. You can thank me on your next long road trip.

More about Radio Zarape:

Podcasts for the People.

In an age where almost every possible way music is presented to you (outside of live performances) is predictable, we’ve decided to do something forthe people. is for the 8:30-to-5:30ers, the treadmill warriors, the travelers, the library studiers, the Friday night hooligans, and the pizza delivery men and women (that have some sort of podcast capabilities in their vehicle) who want to listen to radio shows that don’t suck.

Check out’s fine programming to see what fits your taste. Or, if you are a fan of all things audible, sit back, relax, and enjoy great music you won’t hear on FM radio.”

Like what you hear? Want to give a shout-out to the fellas at Radio Zarape or make a song request? We have you covered. Email with requests or comments about how sexy Coyler’s radio voice is.

Your suggestions will even make it into a special Memorial Day podcast at the end of the month!


  1. Dont get me wrong here but I have an observation. I understand that a lot of thought or not very much thought was put into the design of Radio Zarape’s logo…….but in a smaller version such as when posts are made on FB all that stands out is R DIO RAPE all in bright red. Just doesnt look right to me. come to think of it it doesnt look right bigger either.

    • Not a bad observation.

      Sir Coyler noticed the same thing and that was (obviously) not the intention of the logo. Stay tuned for a possible update to the image and thanks for the feedback. Hope you liked the Sonic Garage this week.

    • About 13 minutes was put into the design via Microsoft Paint last week. I didn’t see “Z Rape” when I made it, but a few friends poked fun a few days later. Even though I don’t expect a blog that hosts college radio-formatted podcasts to attract sexual predators and pedophiles, I’m not completely insensitive to people opting not to click on something that they might see as “Z Rape.” A new banner should be up this afternoon, tomorrow at the latest.