Is There Such a Thing as TOO Much Gear?


We live in a world saturated by gear and material things – we are guilty of it too. But have people become so worried about what new gear a team is wearing that they have forgotten why we are playing lacrosse? I can’t help but think back to Dylan Sheridan’s article on toughness (I didn’t see gear listed anywhere in there) when this issue comes up.

Maybe this gear infatuation doesn’t go as far as we thought though…

Back on April 29th, we showcased some game photos from the Cornell vs. Princeton match-up, how many of you noticed Cornell’s goalie was sporting brand new STX gloves?

Cornell Game Pics by Tommy Gilligan

STX tweeted out some teasers about watching for some new gear. Would you have noticed the different Cornell gloves if they hadn’t? Do you care anymore?

STX Twitter

I saw them, but only after STX tweeted about it…

photo 2

Bryan Bendig was wearing some sick new Under Armour gloves in Prague, did you see those?

Bryan Bendig, Prague

I’ve always been a proponent of the phrase, “Look good, feel good, play good”, and I love new gear just as much as the next guy, but is that what should be blasted all over the headlines? In the past, teams have given exclusive gear rights to certain media outlets, but is this really helping them now that everyone is showing off their gear? Should a lacrosse team be known for what they wear? Or what they do on the field?

Maryland was set to get new gloves this year from Under Armour, but got knocked out of the tournament before they even received them. Hopkins had a very similar thing happen to them in the past when they got some flashy new helmet wraps. Syracuse sported faded volt and orange gear and lost the quarterfinals to Maryland a few years back.

We get gear thrown in our faces each and every day, which makes some sense. But that we see it about as much as we get ads shown to us makes less sense. When it comes down to tournament time, how important is it really that your team is wearing the coolest gear on the market?

Would you rather be remembered as the Alabama team, who have won three out of the last four BCS Title games and have two uniform combinations? Or the Oregon team, who have zero Titles but thousands of uniform combinations? (Oregon uniform combos on

Now it’s your turn. You tell us, has lacrosse become oversaturated with the newest piece of equipment? Do people need to start worrying about HOW they are playing instead of WHAT they are wearing?

We know a simple poll won’t do your answers justice either, so after you vote, hit up the LAS forums and let us know what you really think. We’ve made a post in the forums exclusively for this article!

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  1. I think that getting new gear is something that most lacrosse players think about on when they play for a team, whether it is a club team or a school team. Lacrosse has become a sport where looking good can mean a lot to a player, but I don’t think that it’s gotten to the point where it’s worse than any other sport. I still know kids with “second bar syndrome” and ankle socks that can go out and compete with just about anyone on the field. Looking good while playing lacrosse is more important to some than it is to others, but I really don’t think that this huge release of new gear that happens every playoff season is any worse than what Nike ends up doing every football season with gear and uniforms for all the college teams and now the NFL.

  2. it’s an issue as long as all or nearly all lacrosse programs require their players to supply their own gear. Once we get to a point (such as football) where players only really need their own jocks and shoes then the manufacturers can showcase equipment all they want. This equipment chase only shoves the “I need to spend more to play better” mentality into the pee-wee player’s mind.

  3. you should see Ice-hockey….. Make this a joke. Try paying 800 bucks for skates, 300 for gloves and 250 for a helmet ontop of the custom uni and then throw in some 280 dollar One-Piece sticks and youre upto a couple a grand each year in just gear. This multiplies with tournament teams

  4. I feel like there is more of a spotlight placed on teams and their new gear, what with custom gloves, dye jobs, headwraps, and new uniforms always coming out. I can’t say I have a huge problem with it, as long as the essence and spirit of the game isn’t lost. It’s that part of the game that makes lacrosse so special, not the cool looking gear.

  5. While this is a problem in all sports, don’t you find it a tad hypocritical that you have a blog dedicated to posts about the teams and their new gear? Lol

    Hypocritical, absolutely, but I recognized that right away and we’ve been making strides to not let THAT be our focal point in posts. My feelings on this, other then the above stated ones, is that there are too many young players out there too focused on gear and what the coolest piece is. We are just as much at fault as everyone else, but I think it’s more of a starting point than anything else.

  6. @KriegShaw I definitely agree.

    In high school, I had the mentality that the most expensive gear would make me a better player and we all know that isn’t true. I never had the money to buy the newest gear and I learned to appreciate what mattered most: fundamentals and dedication. Now that I’m playing at the college level, I’ve become more aware with the functionality of equipment over the way it looks. I buy all my gear for the next season when the current season ends because the price drops so much.

    Kids these days are all about flash and show instead of the basics and it’s sad. I’m glad that LAS is taking steps to help kids move away from that mentality.