Jamming Face-Offs to Beat the Clamp

chase carraro jam the face-off

When jamming on the face-offs, I like to move my hands slightly closer together so that they are 8-6 inches apart. I like to really make the jam with my shaft and left hand. The jam is effective because most F/O men have very flexible heads.

To do this, I make sure to come over the ball with the space between my hands. I want to keep my hands and shaft low, so that I barely miss the ball as I come over it. My main aiming point, the true point of contact that I focus on, is meeting the wide part of my opponents head with my left hand. After I have jammed the opponents head back, it is important to get the ball off of the X quickly, either with my shaft or my closed hands.

I tend to use the jam when an opponent is beating me with their clamp. Every great face-off man needs to have 2 to 3 solid moves that they can go to just in case their best move isn’t working,or they want to give their opponent a different look. A jam is perfect because it counters a clamp, which the main move of most FO men.

Work on it this week and try it out, you may consider adding the jam to your face-off arsenal!

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Chase Carraro
Growing up in Louisville, KY, he was introduced to the game at the age of 14 by brother Casey, who played on the first ever high school team in Kentucky. Chase fell in love with the sport and helped lead St. Xavier High School to two Kentucky State Championships, while also being a 2x High School All-American. After high school Chase took his talents to The University Of Denver, where he was a 2x All-American, making two appearances in the Final Four, and was a team captain in 2013. He currently plays in the MLL for the Ohio Machine and is a Trilogy National Director.