Jim Brown Special: Top 5 NFL Longpoles



NFL_Jim Brown_LacrosseYou read that right. In honor of The Greatest 2-Sport Athlete Of All Time we’re going to highlight the best would-be lacrosse players of the NFL, position-by-position.

First up , we give you the Top 5 Longpoles of the NFL. DB’s, LB’s, D-Ends. Some would argue that if these guys played in the MLL we’d see lacrosse featured in the SportsCenter Top 10 way more often. Me? I just think these fellas would be dirty poles. The flash, the fury, the all-out madness… they would elevate the game.



He hasn’t proved himself in the NFL yet, but we all know what he did at USC. Any offensive player who sees this guy’s mug comin’ at him would be terrified. So Rey, you’re in at #5. Time to get to work.

Bengals Maualuga

NFL_Rey Maualuga_Number5-3



The 250lb. MLB from Alabama is a physical specimen. In 2006, he lead the league in tackles in his first ever NFL season and was named Rookie of the Year. DeMeco makes it happen… on and off the field.

NFL_DeMaco Ryans_Number4-2

NFL_DeMaco Ryans_Number4



Ed Reed brings the flash and incomparable determination. Not to mention he may well be the best safety to ever play the game.

NFL_Ed Reed_Number3-2




Tuck is a madman. He doesn’t stop the pressure, and he doesn’t care what your name is. He will take you down.





Lions Panthers Football

Need we say more?

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  1. good choices. I was going to suggest Brian Urlacher until I heard about his wrist injury.

    on another football/lacrosse note, is there any truth to the rumor that UO lax coach Joe Kerwin is working out LeGarrette Blount at attack?

    • Urlacher would've been a great one. Maybe we could throw him in goal with a pad on his wrist? He's tough and should be able to take some shots.

      Blount playing lacrosse at Oregon? Smart move by the coach if there's truth to that rumor. Perhaps Boise State will suit up Hout on D!

    • I see your Randy Moss and raise you Ed Reed,the late Sean Taylor, or Troy Polamalu. Hard hitting NFL safeties would be devastating with a long pole on the lacrosse field.

      I just don't think Randy would bring the necessary boom stick to get it done. He'd get backed down all day.

  2. Ed Reed is 5'11″, Sean Taylor is 6'2″, Troy Polamalu is 5'10″.

    Randy Moss is 6'4″.

    I don't think longsticks are as likely to get backed down nearly as often as they are to get run past, and like Mike Timms showed over the last four seasons, the extra length to keep your stick on Paul Rabil's hands when he's trying to run past you can make a career.

    In my opinion, Polamalu and Reed are more cut from the Benson Erwin/JJ Morrissey mold and would be best used as ssdms and wings on the face-off.

    Brandon Marshall would be another great longstick option.

    What do you think?

    • I agree the extra length helps as a pole. especially when it comes to knocking down passes, clogging the lanes and staying on a guy's hands (especially if the guy is tall). Polamalu and Reed would be great poles if they were covering guys like Boyle, Mikey Powell, Quinzani, etc. I think they might struggle a little more to cover a taller guy like Rabil because he can get over them when shooting. Their athleticism would likely make up for any height disadvantage and for some reason I see both of them playing just like Spallina. is that weird? because it makes perfect sense to me. haha.

      I actually think a guy like Hines Ward would make the ultimate SSDM and that a guy like Mike Vrabel would be one heck of a pole down low. knows how to run a D, has the size and speed to cover anyone and has been proven to do well on the other side of the ball so maybe he could be a key transition guy.

      Marshall has the height and speed for sure! but does he have the attitude to play defense? I don't think so. he's a baby and a glory boy and I don't think he could ever be convinced to pick up a longpole when he could be playing ATTACK! haha… even if he did pick up the pole, there is no guarantee he wouldn't either just drop it on purpose or punt it and make a coach pick it up.

    • I've got your Ed Reed right here

      See also James Harrison, Lamarr Woodley, Lawrence Timmons, in the interest of saving time anybody who has been the Steelers defense is going to be an exceptional lacrosse player.

      As someone who has been apart of two Steeler Super Bowl celebrations in three years I apologize for being blinded by joy.

      In regards to Polamula and Reed being better short stick middies, you're right in the secondary but wrong with the position. Cornerbacks would make better defensive middies than safeties. Both the cornerback and the defensive middie are left on an island, set up to fail. Reed and Polamula don't spend all game getting picked on, quite the opposite. Quarterbacks have to look them off or not throw to their side of the field much like how a lacrosse offense chooses to dodge against certain people.

      A very famous Blue Jay once told me lacrosse is for kids not athletic enough to play football, he also believed Canadians who play in the NLL aren't talented enough to play hockey, take that for what you will.

      My four would be
      LSM: Polamula
      Close: LaRon Landry, kid tackles people like a great white shark
      Close: Shawne Merriman, lights out dance?
      Close: dibs on Taylor Mays next spring, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv2iN4bUeVM

  3. i have a few, two are recently retired, but in their heyday their making nasty hits:
    S John Lynch, Broncos(retired)
    FB Mike Alstott, Bucs(retired)
    LB Lance Briggs, Bears
    DL Osi Umenyiora, Giants
    LB Troy Palumalu, Steelers

  4. i have a few, two are recently retired, but in their heyday their making nasty hits:
    S John Lynch, Broncos(retired)
    FB Mike Alstott, Bucs(retired)
    LB Lance Briggs, Bears
    DL Osi Umenyiora, Giants
    LB Troy Palumalu, Steelers