Johns Hopkins 2013 Lacrosse Schedule

Princeton vs. Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse 20

Johns Hopkins announced their full Spring schedule this weekend, with games featuring Princeton and Loyola at home, a tough road stretch against Syracuse, UVA (eh, kind of, it’s the Face-Off Classic at the Baltimore Ravens’ stadium) and UNC, and their first meeting against the Michigan Wolverines.

Princeton vs. Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse 27

Take a look at the full schedule below:

2/8: Siena

2/16: @ Towson

2/23: Michigan

3/1: Princeton

3/5: Mount St. Mary’s

3/8: UMBC

3/16 @ Syracuse

3/23: UVA

3/30: @ UNC

4/5: Albany

4/13: @ Maryland

4/20: Navy

4/27: Loyola

5/3: @ Army

Want to watch some of these games, but don’t live near Baltimore? You’re in luck. Check out this quote from the Hopkins press release:

In addition to the opportunity to catch the Blue Jays in action on the road or at Homewood Field, Blue Jay fans can also follow the team on TV as JHU will once again enjoy the most extensive television coverage in college lacrosse. In all, 11 Johns Hopkins men’s lacrosse games are scheduled to be televised with another (Michigan) slotted to air on the web at As of today, only the games at Towson and Army will not be televised.

That’s right, ELEVEN nationally televised games for our version of Notre Dame football (no conference affiliation, storied tradition, always on TV),which is up from 10 last year. This is really good or bad news for you, since, also like the Fighting Irish, most people seem to love or hate the Blue Jays. On the other hand, all this national coverage means the game is growing, regardless of the team, right? Chance are you look at this one of three ways:

A) I love it! Go Blue Jays! 10 games, 11 games, we want more!

B) I hate Hopkins, I hate Quint, I hate Quint calling Hopkins games, and if you like Hopkins, I hate you too.

C) Back in the day, ESPN never showed regular season lacrosse games at all. We’ve got no right to complain yet, just be happy you’re watching.

Which side are you on? We’re tempted to go A) and C)… how about you?


  1. Gotta go with C. Living in the Midwest I can’t say if loyal to any one team. I enjoy watching good, lacrosse games (high scoring helps). So my view is regardless of one team always being JHU, I get to watch a lot of other teams play. So I’m excited!

    However, I wish ESPN at least would try to get more teams on tv instead of showing only JHU. I think showing one game a week on ESPN (minimal air time in the course of a week) of different teams could get fans interested as they see some big name schools play and different styles of play. I think JHU can hurt new audiences from being interested because if you’re not a lacrosse fan then who is Johns Hopkins? Show some UVA, UNC, Duke, Syracuse, Michigan, Marquette and I think people would give it a shot.