Just Another Brick In The Wall


Good day lax enthusiasts! I wanna start today with a question…OK, a statement AND a question. What is the #1 drill in lacrosse? I’ll give you a hint – anyone who doesn’t know needs to go hit it hard for a couple hours, a couple days a week. That’s right… the all powerful wall.

The wall is the best drill any lax player can do on his own. You really don’t have an advantage like this in any other sport – an inanimate object that will pass around with you, AND match your awful accuracy!

And speaking of accuracy, the real point I am trying to get at here is, well, what next? So you’re livin the lax lifestyle, you just hit the wall hard with Ryan Powell’s set of drills, and your thirst for skills and improvement just isn’t satisfied. This is a point that I got to a lot during my lax career, and as an attack player I gotta say the next best drill on the list is shooting.


Sure shooting is easy when you’re dealing with the goalie who only ended up in the cage because he missed the first practice and eats a lot of cheeseburgers, but when you’re up against a hardened keeper who was crazy enough to choose that position you are practically up against a wall. Except, this wall won’t give the ball back.

That’s when you know its time to double up on your drills and start working through the proper shooting technique. Once you’re comfortable with the basic form, you can mix it up with side-arm, under-hand (my personal fav), or, coach’s forbid, behind-the-back. And don’t take it easy on the cage monkey, throw some fakes!

So as much as I’d love to drone on and on about how to properly shoot (not that I actually know!), I am going to let one of my very own role models show you. I found this video of Lorne Smith himself giving shooting tutorials. The best part is the original soundtrack. Enjoy!


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Mitch Barton
Four years of Varsity lax in high school and 2 state titles and a little college ball under the belt. Barton is writing to spread the thrill that lax has brought to his life. Friends call him Wildfire because he's out of control. And sometimes he burns things.