Know About Rubber Mesh?

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In the past year or so, wax mesh has made a lot of noise and has gained a ton of support in the lacrosse world. But what about rubber mesh?

dman022 posted the following:

When I was at Lorne Smith this year my buddies each bought a piece of rubber mesh? I had never heard of this but it looked really odd? Does anyone know about this and if its good or not?

Know anything about rubber mesh? There’s been one comment so far, and I have a hunch that the LaxAllStars Community has more knowledge about this specialty mesh. Share what you know on the original post!


  1. I feel that a lot of these products may have their advantages and disadvantages. people didn’t use mesh when it first came out as much until some its advantages were recognized and its flaws fixed, everyone has a preference. Trad, hard or soft mesh, semi-something, wax, rubber, completely uncoated, or even the Hi-ball pocket by Tribe7.

    When it comes down to it, lacrosse, at least stick-wise, is a preference based, try things, stick with them (pun intended) if you want, or if you think its not for you, ripoff or not, go with something else.

  2. Could be Brine Fresh Mesh from circa 2006-07ish? Was made primarily out of all rubber if I remember and reported to be waterproof. Every piece I had was pretty solid other than that it melted semi easily in hot weather if you weren’t careful.


    We sell a composite mesh that utilizes properties of elastomers such as rubber while not only maintaining but actually enhancing the properties current untreated mesh. We use a chemical process called vulcanization that converts rubber into more durable materials. This chemical process is commonly used in the car tire industry to produce tires that are wear resistant enough to withstand braking and maneuvering at the ultra high speeds of Nascar. Properties like elasticity, unique friction characteristics, and water resistivity are utilized in composite vulcanized mesh producing a new breed of mesh superior to the old. As a materials analyst for ARCHON I would be inclined to say that the future of lacrosse mesh is leaning towards composite solutions and based on functionality vulcanized composite mesh is winning the race thus far. A new era of mesh standards is arising and composite mesh is very likely to be the standard soon. So, my advice…forget any negative connotations towards seemingly unconventional types of mesh and recognize a new standard for your game that is, more or less, inevitable anyway. I know I would be the first to up my game. For any questions email