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Kyle Harrison: Shooting Low to High

K18 shooting instruction
K18 Shooting Instruction

While visiting Boise, Idaho, Kyle Harrison spent time teaching local lacrosse players how to appropriately and efficiently shoot the ball while starting with the stick head low and finishing with the ball hitting the top of the net. He spent time with each player individually, providing tips on how to master the shot.

Kyle believes that if you work on shooting every day, muscle memory will be developed and you too can be one of the best in the game.

Shooting low to high takes some strength to power the ball against gravity, but by practicing daily and developing good form, it will become a clutch tool of yours to use during game time.

Find out more about Kyle Harrison’s trip to Boise, and his plans for the future.


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Mark Donahue

Transplanted in Boise from Ohio, Mark is the editor, video guy, and box lacrosse junkie at When he’s not obsessing over lax at LAS HQ or officiating a game somewhere, you can probably find him on the slopes or at the disc golf course.

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  • I love that Kyle doesn’t shy away from low to high shooting. Yes, shooting overhand is extremely important and it should be the way shooting is taught to youth players, but being taught how to properly shoot low to high, sidearm, etc. at a young age can only increase a player’s skill set if they put the practice in.

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