Kyle Harrison: Still Shaking People Silly

Kyle harrison nyc

Kyle Harrison has always had a case of the shakes. From playing basketball in high school to lacrosse at Johns Hopkins, K18 struck fear in opponents with his shiftiness and ability to use both hands, if needed. Kyle is a righty, but you have to respect his left, as it is deadly, and when he combines this with a good burst of speed and hard shot, he can be un-guardable.

Once he gets you, or in this case, Matt Smalley, moving, it’s over. It’s just over. I feel for Smalley here… this would happen to me every single time if I tried to guard Kyle in real life. Also loving the casual underhand finish. Just when you think he’s going to rip it, he slips it low. I told you he was shifty!

Kyle Harrison – Shake N Bake

What? Did you think that Kyle Harrison had slowed down in his “old age”? Come on! The guy has never been in better shape. Of course Kyle isn’t the only MLL player making others look a little foolish. There are plenty of guys with fancy feet!

Welcome to the league, Tommy Schreiber!

Will Manny is a dancing fool. I bet he does the Gangan Style dance better than anyone else in the entire City of Boston. The quickness, ah, the quickness.

Tommy Palasek uses indecision to fool his defender and create space.

Casey Powell gets to 5 and 5 here about as easily as anyone ever. Ok, it wasn’t easy… CP22 just made it LOOK easy. That’s what legends do. #Facts.

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The old man has still got it! Man, did he ever not have it? The answer is no, Casey has always had it. Whatever it is.

Check out this week’s Major League Lacrosse action on Saturday! Four good games, lots on the line, and the chance for even more shake-tastic videos for next week! Which one was your favorite, and why? I’m going with the Kyle Harrison dodge to goal… too shaky, too unorthodox, too pretty! I’ll take it any day.