Lacrosse Camp Filmed By Drone And GoPro Camera


The UCSB club puts on the SB60 Elite, where 60 high level players come together for college level coaching and drilling, led by Michael Allen. While the concept of a small side elite camp is not unique, I do think the way they filmed the action is special.

Allen and Co. used a four prop drone, and strapped a GoPro camera onto it, to get the following footage:

If this is the FIRST time a drone has been used to film lacrosse, we can’t even imagine where it will go from here. Imagine an entire game at Vail, Saratoga, Tahoe, or Placid captured from above, and with a better camera? If you can’t imagine it, have no fear, because it’s coming.

The bonus to all this is that eventually someone will take a shot, it will careen off the crossbar, and take out the Drone. That will be hysterical!