Lacrosse Final Four Aftermath Video Explosion


The Final Four Weekend always leaves me with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth, and that feeling wholly emanates from the fact that college lacrosse is now over, and nothing else. It’s an unavoidable feeling, so I roll with it. To help get you over the championship weekend hump, we’ve put together a Final Four Aftermath post, to help you get back into normal society.

You’ve probably had enough of NCAA lacrosse, but if you haven’t, check out the D1 Game Photos, D2 Game Photos, D3 Game Photos, 2014 All Traditional Team, and Chris Rosenthall’s Notes From Baltimore! It’s all rock solid.

D3 Post Game Press Conferences

Lacrosse Video Explosion

Already hankering for more lacrosse video? Well, there is nothing up from the NCAA games, but there is plenty of good stuff to watch!

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