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Welcome to first of many Lacrosse All Stars Gear Reviews! Every item is scored on an overall scale of 1 to 10 based on 5 categories, which can be awarded up to 2 points each. First up, the Warrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves.

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Company: Warrior LacrosseProduct: Riot Lacrosse Gloves  /  Price: $129.99

Over the past 6 months, I’ve tried on a number of different pairs of lacrosse gloves, but I’ve never really found my match. I’ve always preferred a glove that fits tightly, keeps the wrist safe and offers superior mobility, and it seems like that’s been difficult to find amongst the newest models released the past couple of years.

These days companies are releasing new, “more advanced” gloves with bells and whistles all the cool kids need. From meshed out palms touted as high quality to smaller pieces of padding offering extreme customization, one almost forgets the overall goal of selecting a new pair lacrosse gloves – to protect your hands.

I’ve never been a fan of the way Warrior styles its padding or markets its products, but over the past several weeks of testing I have become a huge believer in the Warrior Riot lacrosse gloves because they truly fit my needs as a lacrosse player. Not to mention they also give off a classic vibe unmatched by any other lacrosse gloves available today.

Appearance… +10.0

Warrior claims that the Riots are the first lacrosse glove to ever have “interchangeable “Switch Cuffs” for instant customization.” I’ve got to believe that, and I’ve got to approve. The solid two-tone color scheme does it all for me, but others I’ve talked to say the cuff completes the look.

Warrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves Review
The cuffs’ velcro latches make a quick color switch easy to manage.

While some may think it’s gimmicky, I prefer the optional color swatch over all the crazy patterned gloves hitting the market today. It’s a simple addition to a classic pair of gloves that will help any player or team look just a tad bit better in their home and away uniforms.

Warrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves Cuffs Review
This loop in the center of the wrist keeps the cuff snugly attached.

Comfort… +10.0

As I mentioned in my introduction, I feel like a comfortable lacrosse glove is hard to find. These gloves fit just like a glove should the moment you put them on, and as you break them in, which did not take long for me thanks to the single-layered palms, it only gets better.

The finger length of a 13″ pair seems a bit shorter than usual, minimizing room for air and making it easier to force a tight grip around your lacrosse stick. Meanwhile, the thumb compartment is slightly more snug than any other Warrior glove I’ve worn. All-in-all, this makes for an comfortable AND optimal grip from day one.

Warrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves
Fits like a glove!

Protection… +7.5

In terms overall hand protection, it’s tough to beat the Warrior Riots. The mobile wrist cuff, the tough outer shell and the inner padding make for a complete lacrosse glove. However, they do leave the fingers a tad bit exposed. A defensive player would probably give it a 10, while an offensive player would say 5… and that’s how I get 7.5!

Warrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves
Superior padding, even with the argyle pattern!

Durability… +10.0

While the exterior of the Riots is incredibly durable and waterproof, I’ve got a slight bone to pick with Warrior about the single layer palms when it comes to durability. Having lived and played in two very rainy climates, I’ve been through enough padding in my day. Some materials hold up better than others in the rain… let me be the first to tell you that single-layered leather (or pleather) does not.

Don’t get me wrong – these gloves would definitely last a full season in the rain. Just not two or three. Wear them in a dry climate and you may have met your match.

Value… +10.0

Looking for style and utility? I don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of Warrior Riots. The impressive appearance, protection, comfort have me sold on the value, and I don’t think there is a better pair of gloves at this price point on the market right now.

Warrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves
A closer look at the exterior.

Overall Score: 9.4/10

This is about the best score I could possibly imagine giving a pair of lacrosse gloves today. After testing these gloves, I’m sold. Unfortunately for me, the exact pair pictured in these photos will be given away later this week on the LAS Facebook Page, but I plan to do everything I can to snag a pair from my alma mater when I visit campus later this season.

Congratulations, Warrior. You’ve won me over with your quality gloves, not your marketing. Nice work.

Warrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves
At $129.99, these gloves are a real CATCH.
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