Lacrosse All Stars Helmet Design Time-Lapse


Please, please, whatever you do, do not get impressed by my “handy work” slapping Lacrosse All Stars stickers all over my brand new Cascade R in the video above. There are others far, far better at placing stickers on hard plastic scattered throughout every community.

We lacrosse players, no matter our age or experience playing the game, all know that the perfect helmet sticker placement is nearly impossible without calling in a ringer. And I am not some ringer. I’m just a dude with a ton of stickers and a passion for the most beautiful game.

Dye my own chinstrap
FLASHBACK: Once upon a time, I also tried to dye my own chinstrap…

Whenever you see a lacrosse helmet, you often see stickers too. All shapes, all sizes. Cool designs. Hideous masterpieces. Colorful chins. Full wraps, half wraps, and someday probably facemask wraps too.

In honor of our latest contest sponsored by Cascade, I thought it’d be fun to design my own dome and share it with you. It was a fun and rewarding process, to tell you the truth. There’s nothing quite like channeling your inner Bob Ross and Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor!

Got a lacrosse helmet everyone seems to comment about? Sounds like it qualifies for the first annual Best Bucket Awards


***Hurry, the last day to enter is this Friday, April 25th.***

Winner receives the lacrosse helmet of his dreams!