Lacrosse On TV All In One Place!

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Lacrosse on one of my TVs? SURE!

Our dear friend, and owner of a gigantic brain, Tom Fernandez of Seattle, WA, put together this awesome calendar for the LAS Readers. Have you ever wondered when lacrosse games will be televised? We certainly have! And now we have a calendar that does just that! AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Lacrosse on TV? Yeah baby, yeah.

We can update the calendar at anytime, so if you know of a game we should add please drop a note in the comments section. After all, without our readers pointing out things we missed, we’d be nowhere!

A huge thanks to Tom for completing this undertaking and for sharing it with the LAS faithful!  The calendar has already been updated with the NLL All-Star game, which will air on Versus on February 27th, so if you have some games we’ve missed, please let us know! And we’ll let the world know, making sure to give you full credit!

We’ll also get a link up on our sidebar to the game calendar so that is it is ALWAYS only a click away. Lax on TV, is there anything finer?


      • Jeff –
        It appears that all Syracuse home games will be televised either by ESPNU or by Time Warner based on the official Syracuse Athletics Website( The only Cuse games not on TV are @Villanova on March 26th and @Providence on April 16th.

        When I google “Cornell Lacrosse 2011 Schedule TV Time Warner” The 1st page is Cornell’s schedule press release and the relevency lines show up with “Time Warner” bold so I assume at least 1 game of thiers is on Time Warner (Note: cross referanced the ‘Cuse schedule and they play Cornell at home on TW possibly the same game I can’t tell)

        There is also the possibility of a Hobart game which I did not check

        The resulting ‘Cuse schedule(not on ESPNU) is (all times EST):
        2/20 Denver @ Cuse, 1
        2/27 Army @ Cuse, 4
        3/15 Albany @ Cuse, 7
        4/12 Cornell @ Cuse 7
        4/19 Hobart @ Cuse 7
        5/7 Rutgers @ Cuse 7

        hope that helps!

  1. Okay, seeing that it’s a google calendar makes me officially excited. One click add to my calendar/android phone. Now we just need someone (with no life) to do the same thing for all the games broadcast online.

    • Haha, real funny! We had a big handful of LAS Insiders request a calendar over the past few weeks and Tom volunteered to take a stab at it. Thank god for loyal readers.

      Thinking about it, I honestly have never been able to find any sort of calendar like this online before. If IL does one, that’s news to me!