Dear Lacrosse, Please Don’t Ever Become Football

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Sunday, Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday.

All of this football hoopla has got me all sorts of amped up over sports.  Let me set the scene: it is Super Bowl Sunday as I am writing this, and yet somehow, I just realized this morning that it has been TWO weeks since any truly quality football has been available for viewing.  Now, let me preface this entire post by saying that I know little to nothing about football.  But mesh is a different story.

What do I know?  Come fall and winter, I know that I watch football and eat appetizers every Sunday as a professional fan, and on Saturdays as well, if Boise State is playing.  Other than that, I pretty much got nothing.  Nonetheless, another thing I do know is that I never want lacrosse to turn into football.

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Many fellow west coast laxers can commiserate with the frustrations that come along with playing a sport where you have to describe it to people who have no clue as to what the sport with the old “stick and a basket” routine.   We all want our sport to grow.   However, with this growth, I hope that lacrosse never abandons Memorial Day Weekend.

College football postseason comes and what happens?  People freak out over BCS bowls, who got screwed (Boise State), and then we wait for nearly a month until the national championship is actually played.

NFL postseason comes and what happens?  (This case is better…) They get you all psyched over a few weeks of amazing postseason play and then make you wait 2 weeks until the Super Bowl is played!

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Now, College Football and the NFL are popular enough where they can afford to make people wait for the games and most people will still end up watching.  Lacrosse is not that popular universally, yet.  Nonetheless, my plea to lacrosse is that Memorial Day Weekend never changes.  And if lax should ever be as popular as football, I truly hope at least one thing remains constant: lacrosse does not take 2 weeks off.

Lacrosse plays a D1 semifinal on Saturday, D2 and D3 Championships on Sunday, and a D1 Championship on Monday.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch, and it guarantees that games are won on the field, and not by the playbook.  One day off to rest and prep, not 2 weeks.  Memorial Day Weekend is something so incredible that we must make sure that this tradition does not go away.  One sport of long breaks, and long hype, is enough.


Now go enjoy the Super Bowl, and dream of another beautiful Memorial Day Weekend, where lacrosse is King for the best 3 days of the year.

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