Lacrosse Recruits Commercial Debut


LacrosseRecruits Commercial

Chris Meade and Matt Wheeler (two former Wesleyan University teammates of mine!) formed to help a huge number of young laxers get noticed by a much smaller pool of college coaches.  The site has been hugely successful and now Meade and Wheeler are really stepping their game up – especially on the advertising front.

Another former college teammate of ours, David “Bad Bones” Fine, can make one hell of a video and he put together this 3.5 minute piece for LR.  Check out how comfortable Wheeler is on camera, watch the highlights for some sick HS lax and be impressed by how easy their recruiting site can make your college search.  For the stars in what many consider to be non-hotbed areas, LR is a great way to get noticed without requiring a trip to an expensive recruiting camp.

Spreading the game… it’s what we from Wesleyan do.

Now check out this sweet pic of Bad Bones: