Lacrosse Video Explosion: The Postseason’s Best


Welcome to a Postseason Video Explosion! The college season may be over and done with, but the video is just getting good now. That’s kind of how it works. These things take time!

Settle in, it’s going to be an awesome ride.

Best Ripped Video of the Year?

If the Crosseworks had shot all this video themselves? It would be the best video in the history of lacrosse. But they didn’t. They went through YouTube and TV clips and put together a well-edited video that uses lots of short portions of other videos. Still, it’s well worth a watch!

SC Featured – Spirit Of The Game

Maryland Offseason Training

Check the full video out over on Stack Media.

UnCommon Fit in Prague

NLL Finals – Top 5 Plays Game 1

I’d Hate To See Him Try Lacrosse

This is just an awful display of athleticism. That being said, I’d actually love for 50 Cent to try lacrosse. Hit me up, 50, let’s do this.

MCLA Championship Highlights