UPDATED: Weekend Lacrosse Drop

Sweet Fantasia of Malaysia, those are tight.

There is never enough new lacrosse content on the weekends.   It’s a Monday through Friday kind of world for most people, I guess.  Not here at LAS.  Just to keep you on your toes, we’re dropping hotness on a Saturday.  Boom.

Growing the Game

Great check-in from CityLax here in NYC.  The founder of the not-for-profit visits two schools, one the defending Public School Athletic League champion up in the Bronx (the program is 4 years old.  wow.), the other is the first CityLax sponsored team which is located in Harlem.  I’m biased because I volunteer with these guys, but when certain kids out of your program are playing D1 lacrosse (Billy Nguyen of Columbus HS is a freshman on St. John’s) and the rest are going on to college at a really high rate, you’re doing something right.  If you’re in NYC and want to get involved, check out the CityLax Volunteer page.  Well worth it!


Helmets You CAN NOT BE SERIOUS About 1

Justin Smith took to Twitter and unveiled these chromed out lids.  Say what you will about chrome (haters) but these look awesome.  Colored facemasks will be everywhere this year.  What did I tell you?

Sweet Fantasia of Malaysia, those are tight.


Helmets You CAN NOT BE SERIOUS About 2

My boys over at LacrosseRecruits.com got hooked up with a Brine Triumph helmet that’s been gussied up by HeadWrapz.  When I talk about BIG logos on the sides of teams’ helmets, THIS is what I’m talking aboot (that’s Canadian for ‘about’).

Good golly. I like it.

One of the founders with his new LR lid. Choice.


Helmets you CAN NOT BE SERIOUS About 3

This is what you get when your dad runs the show at Head Wrapz.  Sweet lid for the kid at the recent High Rollers event!

That's pretty. So pretty.
Names and everything! High end!


Tierney on Legendary Goalie Scott Bacigalupo.  ‘Nuff said.


How-to-Do Media for an MCLA Program

The Florida Gators scrimmaged FSU on Friday night and did an unbelievable job of covering the event themselves.  UF-FSU is a HUGE rivalry, in anything.  So when the Gators tweeted from the game, and even posted a highlight at halftime from what looked like a flipcam, I was impressed.  This is the standard MCLA teams should strive for if they aren’t webcasting their games.  It lets people get inside your program, provides personality and is great exposure.  Even if you lose, it shows you care.  Win-win.  Here’s the highlight:



The New York Institute of Technology‘s mascot is a bear.  Sometimes he dances at alumni lacrosse games.  Guy has moves!  Bet he learned them at Bogart’s.


The GOOD and the BAD.  All in One!

Oregon is rocking all black fall ball/practice uniforms with yellow accents.  Yup.  Believe it.  Maybe this team really is going to get creative in 2011!  Awesome effort either way.  At the other end of the spectrum we have a defenseman not wearing a t-shirt under his reversible.  Southern Oregon captains and coaches, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure your team looks presentable.  Make it happen.  Everyone wears the same color undershirt.  First step is everyone wears an undershirt.  Thanks to Patrick Verdun for the great picture!!

All black and white lids work. Just saying.


Coolest Coolers.

Our friends over in Thailand have more fresh gear than they know what to do with.  I can barely keep up with these guys!  This picture is pretty much exactly what some of my summer leagues have looked like.  2 coolers, 1 stick.  Priorities.  Thanks to Payu for the pictures!  He loves his gear as much as we do!

The yellow is enticing.


Hawai’i Teaser Shot

I’ll do one.  Just one.

Here is a teaser pic from our Hawaii post. Eat your heart out, Jiloty. Beauty of a shot.


Best NLL Jersey?

It’s either this one or any variation of the Minnesota Swarm‘s striped uniforms. Those are money too.

Stripes can be classic. I'm telling you!!

Photo courtesy phillywings.com


  1. Chrome Dome marks the 9 minute mark in the fads 15 min….

    I imagine myself taking the field against these when I was 19 yrs old, I know I would be telling myself and the team that we have to send those lids home chipped and scuffed, which is a dangerous proposition all the way around. As the father of a 19 yr old, it make me cringe to think you’d want to make yourself a target like that.
    your favorite hater.

    • what you say above is very interesting… when I was 19, I just wanted to win. Ruining another team’s helmets was nowhere on my list of priorities. However, I guess this could be an issue now. It’s possible.
      I do think the helmets look pretty amazing and I bet they’re even better in the sun. I bet a lot of summer teams will go for this in 2011 but not many college teams. It’s too “dangerous” for them.

      • Pretty sure I was 19 quite a bit longer ago then you, so I get the cultural change. I’m probably being a crotchety old man with a lunch bucket mentality. I suppose if the chrome head/helmet showed up on the field battle worn then the player would still garner my respect.

    • those were up for consideration along with the plaid lumberjax uniforms, the blazers red uniforms and the Minnesota stripes. Why the Stealth can’t put together a NOT boring uniform is beyond me. For a small league, the uniforms are actually pretty tame and boring. There’s a lot of black or white and then some trim. The NLL needs better uniforms stat.

  2. The black and red chrome doesn’t look too bad. I know 412_Lax wants none of it because of the tail. The silver…thanks for coming out Destro. I echo Connor on any ill intentions because a team is sporting chrome helmets. At the most I would give them an eye roll. I respect the creativity, just not my style.Have you played in your HeadWrapz lid yet, Connor? I’m wondering how well it would hold up in some rough play.