LAS Vacation Video: Puerto Rico


As I said in the Editor’s Note on the main page, it can be hard to find a week to take off from lacrosse! Last week I did just that, went down to Puerto Rico with some dear friends, and unplugged. I did bring my camera, just to have some fun, and above is some of what I captured.

The waves crashing in multiple locations is pretty epic, and the bird eating a fish out of guy’s hand on the beach mid-flight is pretty darn cool. Pumped I got that on video! I even brought two mini-sticks with me to PR, which I had picked up from Throne of String a couple of days before. Always getting a little wall ball in. No excuses!

Joe from ToS did a Hawai’i vacation video, so I had to give it a shot myself. What do your vacations look like? We’d like to see videos like the above from our readers if they’ve got any. Drop ’em in the comments and we’ll take a look…