LAS Welcomes Corey Janoff to the Team


LAS Welcomes Corey Janoff to the TeamAccording to “Senior and returning captain Corey Janoff (West Linn, OR/West Linn High School) is the Trojans’ face-off specialist and one of the teams strongest offensive weapons. Corey was a high school First-Team All-State player and Oregon’s only Academic All-American. Corey brought his leadership skills to USC and continues to be an inspiration to the team on and off the field.”
Corey will be giving you a dose of California sunshine every week. Read his first post after the jump.

The Trojans take on the Sunshine State

By Corey Janoff

What’s up everybody? Since this is my first post, I feel I should introduce myself. My name is Corey Janoff. I’m a senior midfielder on the USC Trojans club lacrosse team (we don’t have varsity out here on the west coast yet). I played high school lax with one of the co-founders of this website and he has been kind enough to let me blog on

We’re a few weeks into our season already. We’ve had a rocky start, due to some stiff competition and a lot of injuries. For example, we only have 20 healthy players (including 2 goalies) on our roster and we’re about to play in a tournament in Florida (more on that later).

Janoff wins the faceInjuries can kill a team. It’s like any other sport – a few key players go down and it gets tough. Look at the NBA. Gilbert Arenas is out and the Wizards go from Eastern Conference contenders to the bottom of the league. In the NFL, Tom Brady goes down and the Patriots are all of the sudden mediocre. The same goes for lacrosse. We’re missing two of our starting middies, and a slew of other players. We’re definitely going to get some running in this weekend.

We’ve got an exciting trip to Florida planned for the Southern Shootout, hosted by FSU. Due to lack of group travel knowledge and advance planning, we have an interesting schedule ahead of us. (A note to anyone planning a group trip: you can purchase plane tickets in advance without having the travelers’ names.)

We leave on Feb 19th for the airport. Our flight departs at 12:35 am from LAX. We fly through Atlanta (1 hour layover) to Jacksonville. We’re due into Jacksonville at 10:05 am. From there, we are renting some big vans and driving about 2 and a half hours to Tallahassee, where FSU is located. If we’re lucky, we’ll have enough time to check into the hotel and rest briefly before our 5pm game. Had we known that you don’t need to know the exact names of people traveling, we could have avoided this crappy flight schedule by booking our tickets way in advance. Learn from our mistakes.

It should be a fun and challenging tournament. We are playing Florida State, Georgia, and Texas A&M. All very talented teams.

Hopefully I’ll have some good stories to tell throughout the season, so check back often.


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